Leverage 226 (by Edge 226)

Edge 226 is an innovative provider of data-driven ad-tech solutions. With offices in New York, Tel-Aviv and Beijing, Edge is led by industry veterans Avishay Raviv and Yoav Kirmayer who are Co-CEOs with Avishay based in New York and Yoav in Tel Aviv.

​Edge was established to address the ever-changing challenges in the ad tech industry with a laser-focus on improving business results by making smarter, data-driven decisions. Our portfolio of solutions consists of Echo Affiliate Tracking Solution, Peak Results Driven DSP and Leverage Premium Advertising Agency.

Leveraging our in-house deep learning technology we drive actions beyond an install and focus on engagement metrics like registering for a loyalty program, having food delivered, or completing a first ride. We monitor potential risks such as non-human scripts, bad IP reputations and general fraud by strictly filtering all activity and employing pre-bid solutions such as IP blocker, CR, Attribution Window & more.

Business Address:
106 W. 32nd Street
New York
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