LumApps – The Intranet Recommended By Google

A social, mobile and smart intranet to connect and engage all employees in a central hub. LumApps takes care of personalizing your pages’ content according to the user’s profile information. All you have to do is play with the designer to customize your style!

Core features:

Design and style customization (the portal fits the visual identity of the company)
Structured information (the portal is organized at a corporate level) and profiled content
360° internal communications (top-down, bottom-up, transversal, targeted, one to one…)
Collaboration suite (Gmail, Drive, Calendar) and IS integration (dashboards of business apps)
A SaaS solution based on Google Cloud Platform

We’re also the only corporate portal officially recommended by Google. LumApps brings everything you need to work in one place: personalized content, business applications, and social communities.

Fully integrated and synchronized with Google’s G Suite, LumApps helps employees to work more efficiently, collaborate smarter and connect with coworkers. Based on strong customer reviews all over the world with Fortune 500 and Forbes 2000 companies, LumApps is the only enterprise portal successfully mixing corporate communications and social network, answering both company and employee needs.

Business Address:
75 Rue François Mermet
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