MarketMuse – AI Content Planning and Optimization Software

MarketMuse’s AI-powered Content Briefs provide specific, detailed directions for writers to create and optimize content so it’s the highest possible quality. As new content is added to your Content Inventory, you can order briefs to assist and improve the writing process, minimize manual research and ensure that content is written correctly on the first draft. The MarketMuse platform identifies content quality issues on your site and builds blueprints that show you exactly how to write to cover a topic comprehensively.


  • Powerful applications to craft expert content
  • Applications designed to fit every team member’s content workflow
  • New MarketMuse Suite – Compete, Optimize, Questions, Research, Connect, and Newsroom
Our AI and machine learning technology help you create the most relevant, authoritative, and helpful content on any topic. It’s the kind of content search engines love! Stop relying on guesswork and start making smart data-driven decisions. MarketMuse saves you hours of keyword research, reduces the cost of paid search, and builds thought leadership in your industry.

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