NEOSEVEN is a highly effective software suite for information management and omnichannel publishing. Whether catalog, webshop, flyer or mailing – you always have your product information and media under control. Software Suite NEOSEVEN is a modular system whose components fulfill the following core tasks:

  • Management of information and media
  • Partial or fully automatic production of media productions
  • Editorial filling
  • Sighting and acceptance
  • information management
NEOSEVEN combines Product Information Management with Media Asset Management.  Whether marketing or product data, pictures, videos, InDesign documents or many other media files – in NEOSEVEN you have everything at a glance. Omni-channel Publishing With NEOSEVEN you have all options open:
  • Production-ready print data for catalogs, flyers, brochures and more
  • Publication on websites or in webshops
  • Further processing in Web2Print
  • Deployment of content management systems
  • Connection to social media channels
  • Derivation of dealers, customers or suppliers
You face the major challenge to collect your data, keep it up to date and channel it to the correct positions – without losing the overview? Whether as print production, for websites, online shops or as classified channeling to dealers, customers, and suppliers. The organization of your data can be very time to consume and costly.

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