Newsfeed SmartApps – Interactive Games and Posts

Newsfeed SmartApps (Patent Pending) are a new & revolutionary way to engage with your FB fan base. They are Interactive Status Updates which are playable directly on the newsfeed! (US Patent File Number-US20160119446) With Newsfeed SmartApps you can boost your interaction and engagement on the Facebook page by collecting data, conducting surveys, having games, generating leads and much more! Features of Newsfeed SmartApps: – Playable directly on the newsfeed. – Newsfeed SmartApps work on smartphones. – They can be promoted. – No need to “allow app” or go to an FB page tab. Features:

  • Easy to Post
  • Works Natively
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Promotable
  • No allow app
  • Sharable
  • Analytics
  • Platform Agnostic
With Newsfeed SmartApps brands can launch rich, immersive and interactive experiences that work natively inside social mobile apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. These rich in-app experiences result in higher engagement, increased retention time in a brand property & higher recall value. With our technology brands have deployed mind-blowing interactive content experiences like engaging games, interactive quizzes, surveys, mini-websites, interactive videos and many unique elements that users can experience inside social apps.

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