Cognitive insights & recommendations to create highly personalized campaigns. Sia with Watson is a powerful cognitive engine by Opentopic that leverages the Artificial Intelligence (AI) of IBM Watson and our own Opentopic Technologia Lab, enabling digital agencies and their clients, collaboration professionals, and banks and insurers to personalize at a human and behavioral level at very large scale. It is offered as a SaaS platform, designed to unlock real-time insights that lead to a better understanding of the customer and the buyer journey. Our AI marketing software allows you to analyze your own unstructured data to unearth meaningful insights hidden within. It is these hidden insights, brought down to a human, behavioral, emotional (aka cognitive) understanding that empowers you to personalize at a level and scale previously thought impossible. Our machine learning technology adapts and gets smarter continuously to deliver ever-improving results. Opentopic’s innovative clients include Comcast NBC Universal, The Economist, Pitney Bowes, BBVA, Unilever, Time Inc. and others.

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