PathFactory – Content Insight & Activation for B2B Marketers

PathFactory’s Content Insight and Activation Platform helps B2B marketers understand the role of content in the buyer’s journey and discover a new class of data to optimize the path to purchase. PathFactory uses this data and insight to optimize content delivery across every channel, connecting buyers with the most relevant information whenever and wherever they click.

We know that great results require a team effort. Our maniacal focus on making our clients successful extends far beyond the initial deployment. Think of our customer success team as your trusted guides, leading you through every phase of your journey to content engagement enlightenment. With hundreds of Content Insight and Activation Platform deployments under our belt, we’ve seen it all. Whether you already know exactly how you want to use PathFactory, or need help building your game plan, our customer success team has your back.

Content is at the heart of all B2B marketing, yet the data most marketers collect about content engagement today is incredibly limited. It provides unreliable buying signals and insufficient insight into content performance. Without key insights about how buyers consume content along the path to purchase, delivering the right content to the right person at the right time is impossible.

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