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Powerful Outreach is a specialized PR outreach service that excels in securing press mentions and guest post placements for small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs. Rather than work with custom proposals and complicated PR processes, we’ve parsed our work down into simple and effective subscription-based products!

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Powerful Outreach is a specialized PR outreach service that excels in securing press mentions and guest post placements on behalf of our clients. We offer a ‘plug and play’ PR solution that is highly-competitive and effective for businesses interested in PR. Our services are unlike any other traditional PR agency and we offer dynamic outreach services that help our clients achieve their greater business goals.

We work directly with clients to help guide strategy and execute on a solid outreach plan. We also hold many agency partnerships and offer white-label or referral partnerships on behalf of their clients. Any questions – we are happy to chat: calendly.com/elijahmk100


Please explore our core subscription based products below. These are designed to be the hard grunt work you know you need to do to get PR results.


With our Press Outreach Services, we turn this into a core strength for you and your business. On your behalf, we will develop a custom outreach strategy to properly network with and earn you press contacts. Delivering real and positive press interactions to your inbox virtually non-stop.


Earn Guest Posts while you sleep with Guest Post Outreach Services from Powerful Outreach. Putting yourself and your brand out there into the wild is paramount in driving real business success.


The PR Starter Pack from Powerful Outreach is simply a DIYers dream come true. This package gives you a massive leg up in getting off the PR ground.


The PR Baseline from Powerful Outreach combines the best of our products. It is simply a combination of the starter levels of our Press Outreach and Guest Post Outreach services.

Elijah Masek-Kelly

https://www.relevance.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/HeadShotEMK-1-150x150.jpgElijah Masek-Kelly is the Managing Director of PowerfulOutreach,and is obsessed with words and what they mean. He is a writer in many forms, but he is currently focused on helping small businesses and startups grow by any means possible.

As Managing Director of Powerful Outreach, he helps clients get exposure through innovative and strategic outreach. With a long history as a writer and content marketer, Elijah is focused on helping small businesses develop their brand, increase their influence, and generate leads by leveraging his skills and knowledge to tap into new audiences.

He is currently a contributing writer on HubSpot Marketing Blog, Business2Community, Business.com, Foundr, and many other publications where he loves to share actionable advice that helps businesses grow.

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