Revue – An Editorial Newsletter Tool for Writers and Publishers

Revue is based in The Netherlands and focuses on content curation. We see ourselves as a platform that you can use to create your email digest effortlessly. We do this in a simple and convenient way. But we also pay special attention to aesthetics so you can send out the best looking newsletters! Our goal is to satisfy customers by providing an easy tool that reaches audiences efficiently while looking damn good. Features:

  • Manage Multiple Newsletter
  • Manage Team Members
  • Keep control of approval workflow
  • Design a custom template
  • Create and send your issues
  • Schedule issues
  • Manage your subscribers
  • Your profile page
  • Statistics
  • Browser extensions
  • Subscribe forms
  • Integrate content sources
  • iOS app
  • Cross-publish your issues
  • Subscriber feedback
  • Share articles directly
  • Sync subscribers
  • API

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