Right Hello – B2B Lead Generation & Data Enrichment

At RightHello we help you connect with the right people at scale.  We find the business people you want to reach. We combine clever software with even more clever humans to find companies and people that meet your criteria. Our work will save you hours of your precious time.  We outreach potential clients via e-mail and social media.

We design and implement custom outreach campaigns for you. Our process focuses on making a real connection between you and your potential customers.  Your inbox is filled with valuable conversations. Your team simply picks up that conversation and focuses on building a business, not repetitive work.

It began in 2014 when Piotr Zaniewicz was participating in numerous B2B projects and noticed a big problem in how young companies develop their sales. He found that the most challenging aspect was establishing the first contact with a client and building upon the relationship. Inspired by the need to solve this challenge, in cooperation with Bartosz Majewski, a Sales Expert at IT companies, they decided to find a scalable solution. This was the beginning of the RightHello idea, which continues to this day.

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