ROI4CIO – B2B Platform for IT Buyers, Vendors, and Suppliers

ROI4CIO is a platform designed to support interaction among IT market players and sourcing of IT products, partners, contractors, and customers. Value Proposition For IT Buyers

  • Foster competitiveness and security
  • Find the effective IT product based on individual business objectives and pain points
  • Compare IT-products by characteristics
  • Estimate IT products cost
  • Calculate ROI, NPV, IRR, PP
  • Request proposals on IT products
  • Get Rebate for Reference
For Vendor & Supplier
  • Lead Generation
  • Close Deals Down Quicker
  • Fosters competitiveness
  • Reduces HQ workload
  • Optimization for Sales managers
  • Streamlined Sales and reduce costs
  • Expand partnerships and foot print
  • Receive more references
ROI4CIO customizes IT products for clients based on neural network, automatically calculates pricing and configuration, projects ROI, and supports sending requests to all suppliers of a solution. IT vendors (distributors, resellers, developers) get new clients, close deals faster, cut costs and expand partnerships.

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