SDL is the global leader and innovator in language and content management services. With more than 25 years of experience, SDL creates transformative business results for customers around the world through content optimization and nuanced digital experiences, strengthened by our human expertise and machine learning technology.

Today SDL is enabling companies to create meaningful digital journeys and form important emotional connections with their global customers by powering the creation and delivery of relevant, personalized content to make understanding possible. The world’s biggest brands trust SDL’s expertise in digital content management and language translation, with 78 out of the top 100 global brands working with us, to underpin their content creation, translation, and delivery.

Age of Understanding
The heart of SDL has always been about language and content, which is at the heart of human communication and expression. Information is meaningless unless it is communicated in the right way and we understand it. The more a company understands its customers and transforms this into meaningful content and interaction, the more customers understand a brand. As the worlds of human and digital continue to blur, how do companies manage growing content and provide a brand-building digital experience? SDL can help you navigate this complexity and overcome the content conundrum to deliver understandable information in a more personal and relevant way.

Welcome to the Age of Understanding (AoU).

Global Content Operating Model
SDL is helping organizations globally create more meaningful content by leveraging digital technology and human expertise. This, combined with SDL’s comprehensive strategic approach to managing the global content creation, translation and delivery, and you have our Global Content Operating Model (GCOM). By following our Global Content Operating Model, organizations can better understand their content and mature their content supply chain from ad-hoc to the autonomous content creation and delivery, aligning people, processes and technology, and making understanding possible.

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