Sigstr – Email Signature Marketing

Sigstr is an Indianapolis-based SaaS platform focused on harnessing the untapped potential in employee email signatures. Increase engagement, conversions, and retention in every email your employees send while taking back control over your brand. Drive marketing ROI and employee engagement: Sigstr unlocks employee email as an owned channel by providing simple, central control over your company’s email signature.

Signature Rule – We intentionally place the interests of our customers, our communities, and each other before our own.
Believe Big – If something we’re working on seems impossible, it means we are on the right track
Celebrate Success – We focus relentlessly on helping our customers and employees achieve success. When we succeed, we celebrate.
Stay Authentic – We show how much we care about being honest and transparent in everything we do.


Centrally Managed Email Signatures
High Impact Campaigns
Intelligent ABM Targeting
Deep Integrations

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