Social Fulcrum – Facebook Advertising Agency for Consumer Brands

Test, Measures, and Scales Facebook Advertising Campaigns for retail and e-commerce brands. Most agencies think of advertising as art, with maybe a little bit of science. When they begin working with a client, they conduct market research and then develop multiple creative concepts. Weeks, even months, may pass by before they launch their client’s first campaign. We believe the fastest way to get results is to lead with science. During the initial phases of working with you, we build and test your first campaign and set up your first audience tests. The beauty of testing is that it immediately starts generating data. Data we can analyze to determine which ad creative works best. Data that help us identify your top target audiences and eliminate the underperforming ones. Services:

  • Facebook Advertising
  • Instagram Advertising
And that’s just the beginning. Our approach – build, test and measure  – is iterative. We never stop experimenting. Each week, we run new tests that produce fresh insights, which let us continuously refine your creative and optimize your audiences. And we use what we learn to reallocate your media budget – on the fly, via our automated technology platform to maximize your ROI. Since 2010, our sole focus has been driving rapid growth and profitability for our clients via digital advertising campaigns. We help companies quickly acquire customers and incrementally increase revenues while lowering cost per acquisition.

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