Manage digital marketing assets – including photos, layouts, packaging artwork, video, 3D, source files and more – aligned with the way you do business. Marketing Content Hub is designed for challenging digital asset management scenarios and supports complex metadata, rights management, through security, and worldwide distribution. Features:

  • Find what you need – Make use of faceted search, full-text search with sugfull-text and an advanced query builder to quickly make your way through large collections of assets in just a few clicks, opening up a wide array of digital asset management possibilities. Save and share searches or subscribe to updates for a continuous oversight of your entire repository!
  • Preview in your browser – Actively preview search results in context! Preview images, videos, layouts and other file types right in your browser while visualizing metadata and navigating through related content. Even Inspect the contents of zip files and composite assets and have all ethe ssential information within your reach.
  • Make selections – Select assets across different search queries and parts of the application. Perform batch operations like edit, download or delete. Finish off by saving and organizing your collections and share them with other users.
  • Download and convert – Download original files, previews and pre created renditions directly to your device for quick access. Need another size or file format? Order your selection and generate renditions on the fly using presets or custom options for size, file format, color space, cropping and more. Finally, distribute secure download links to external users and let them take it from there!
  • Create and upload – Upload files with drag-and-drop, create data and add metadata on the fly! Review submitted content for approval and control the lifecycle of your assets from upload to archival.
  • Manage any file type – Enjoy full integration of best in breed media conversion and transcoding engines across every file type you’ll ever need! A robust file provider framework ensures fast and scalable downloads including global distribution options.
  • Manage your data – Remain in control of your content, users, taxonomy and more through a series of insightful management tools. Dig even deeper with intelligent dashboards, reporting and analytics for actionable insight.
  • Integrate in your enterprise landscape – Integration with up- and downstream systems is at the core of the vision of Marketing Content Hub. Between a configurable domain and data model, a mature Hypermedia RESTful API, and pub/sub bus, Marketing Content Hub provides the tools for elegant integration into your enterprise technology landscape.
  • Marketing portal – Aside from a strong digital asset management setup, Marketing Content Hub offers you a direct dialogue with your marketing community through an engaging, branded, responsive marketing and brand portal. Complement data and media files with your own editorial content and context – including brand guidelines, campaign and product launch briefings.

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