Do You Need A Website To Do Affiliate Marketing?

In the recent digital world, affiliate marketing is widely known across the internet. A lot of people are making use of affiliate marketing to do business. If you are one of those who wants to venture into affiliate marketing, you are about to make one of the best decisions of your life.

But before you get started, what will you need? Generally, you’ll need a lot of things. Will you need a website for affiliate marketing? We’ll try to answer that in this article – so hold on to your seat.

How Affiliate Marketing Works

Before explaining whether you need a website or not for affiliate marketing, it is important to understand how the whole marketing strategy works.

You see, as an affiliate marketer, the first thing that you will be given is a personalized affiliate link. This link will be given to you by the owner of the product or service that you intend to market. The link will also come with a special code at the end. The code will be used by your affiliate partner to track the customers that you have directed to their website.

Therefore, you will need to use any information about the website you are marketing and include a link anywhere. Once people click on the link, they will be redirected to the main site to purchase a product or service. You will earn commissions and credits once they make a purchase.

Now, since all that is needed is to post the link anywhere online, it gives us the answer to our initial question. Do you need a website for affiliate marketing? The answer is no. But if you want to go big, then you definitely need it (we’ll come to this later).

What Can You Use If You Won’t Need a Website?

If you don’t need a website for affiliate marketing, what are the available options?

Here is a look at some of them:

  • The Power of Social Media

The first place you can confidently do affiliate marketing and make some profit from it is through social media. The best practices can help you make your affiliate marketing a sure shot success on social media platforms.

Most affiliate marketing newbies prefer using social media to start with their marketing when they are still not the owners of a website. When using social media, all you have to do is post the affiliate link on all the top social media platforms. You can post on Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, and even on Google+.

Before posting the affiliate marketing link on any social media platform, ensure that you go through the terms of service to avoid any problems. Suppose you have someone with a large number of followers on the social media platform, you can use that chance to get to the large followers.

Don’t forget that you need the best practices to help you win the social media followers.

  • Through eBooks

In affiliate marketing, you can also earn by including the links in your eBook. The eBook at this point will be published in an online store. From there, people can click on your link and get to the website that you are promoting. The only problem here is that you will need to be a good author to compose a story or give helpful guidelines in the book. If the link is somewhere in the story, the reader will get to it if the book is interesting enough.

  • The Old-Fashioned Way: Marketing

Since you are marketing someone else’s product or service, it wouldn’t matter how you do it as long as you get people to click on the link and be directed to the website you are promoting. In this case, you can easily use the traditional marketing approach. One way to do it is to post the link on e-catalogs like Craigslist or other Classified Ads. Here, you can post ads that people can click on.

The Need for a Website

Remember, we said that a website would be necessary if you want to go big with affiliate marketing. Now is time to revisit that point. It is not necessary that the website must be yours. You can take any one of the following two approaches:

  • Using other websites’ traffic

You can go for affiliate marketing with a site that doesn’t belong to you. Several websites are available out there to help you promote your products with affiliate links. For instance, you can use forums and boards that specifically talk about the product or service you are promoting. The forum that you decide to use must have a topic that is relevant to what you are marketing.

Another approach is creating free training programs, after which you can embed the affiliate links on the website that you are using. Also, sites that use consumer reviews of third-party products can be helpful to your affiliate marketing. Just ensure that you write a positive and detailed review of the product before promoting it.

  • Your own website

The perfect and most recommended approach of handling affiliate marketing and being successful in the endeavor is by using your own site. Here, you will need to create a site and use a domain name that relates to whatever you are promoting. If building a website is a difficult task for you, you can always use a reliable website builder to help you out.

One example of a website that specializes in affiliate marketing is, which offers reviews of multiple products in different categories. The site then redirects to an online store for you to make your purchase.

Always keep in mind that a good website alone is not enough to make your affiliate marketing campaign a success. You need to follow proper tips to have a successful affiliate marketing campaign by getting people to visit your website, click on the link, and purchase the product or service.

Above all, always ensure that you treat affiliate marketing as your own business. Don’t just rush to make a profit out of it, do it with passion and professionalism and you will soon reach the apex of success.

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