Introduces Simplified Animation Tools to Social Media Marketing

For content marketers who are struggling to implement new forms of interactive media into their content strategies, the new crowdfunded app, a promising, user-friendly digital animation platform and social sharing space, could be the key to creating effective and persuasive visual content.

New technology and advanced digital design softwares and studios have elevated the standards for visual content and for businesses, creating and sharing custom graphics, images, and animations are the new norm for creating a corporate identity. However, for most marketers, especially those working for small businesses, securing access to those technologies is easier said than done and it can be costly to seek out freelancers that will take charge of visual storytelling strategies.

With, the need for advanced design softwares or artistic freelancers is slashed. The animation creation process is simplified and creators of all artistic ability have the chance to stake their claim in the new era of visual storytelling. Using the app, content creators can design custom illustrated and animated ads, messages, memes, gifs, comics, and stories in seconds via a simple drag and drop system. This app allows marketers to easily and rapidly reinvent their visual storytelling strategies, stand out from the crowd, and connect with audiences who are desperate for new and creative forms of media.

Purposeful Features for Maximum Creativity

Scheduled for beta release in February 2018, is not only a content creation platform but also a public social sharing space where creators can post and share their custom characters, scenes, and music bites with other users world-wide. Users will also be able to make a profit by selling their licensed creations to other users within the app through an innovative digital marketplace and buyers can create their own animations using those creations.

According to the official website, will give users the ability to create using a variety of digital brushes and shapes, move objects around with simple one-touch gestures, use a library of color palettes, transparency options, and layers and store projects and export them as animated gifs. The platform will be optimized for mobile devices and will be available for IOS and Android users. also makes it easy to share creations on social media sites which is good news for social media marketing campaigns.

For marketers looking to supplement their traditional content with images and animations or for companies looking to develop an entirely new brand image, will be an efficient and low cost option for creative content development at all stages of the creative process. According to founder Craig Doriot,


“Artists, animators, and authors are generally funneled through the corporate layers of publishers, media, advertising studios and other firms before they can benefit financially from their creativity. presents a new world of opportunity where creators can take their craft directly to their public and build a fanbase that is willing to pay directly for new uses of their work.”


If you’re a professional content creator, illustrator, or animator and are interested in experimenting with before the official beta release date, you can sign up for the closed beta release by contributing to the ongoing Indiegogo campaign and by paying a $5 registration fee.

Once the app launches in February, content marketers and companies will be able to access a full suite of creative tools, a digital marketplace, and a library of publicly available content. It’s too soon to gauge whether or not this platform will be popular amongst advertisers and content marketers but if the launch videos are of any indication of things to come, then will undoubtedly establish itself as a major player in the world of simplified content creation.

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