Influencer Outreach

With the increased presence and power of social media comes a need to build a marketing strategy that allows influencers to speak on behalf of brands.
The Rise of Influencer Marketing
  • 701
  • 07/14
  • Ted Karczewski
Influencers serve as a proxy to the online universe and help the common man focus his limited time on the most powerful channels and conversations.
Influencer Marketing
  • 570
  • 07/09
  • Barry Feldman
If your advanced content isn’t enjoying the success that it should, it may be time to have your PR team put some of the tenets of inbound marketing to use.
Content Marketing Returns
  • 921
  • 07/08
  • Emily McGowan
Many marketing analysts, writers, and thought leaders have chimed in on what they believe the content marketing maturity model should look like. The Altimeter Group, Forrester, TopRank and likely others have weighed in. What do…
The 6 Stages of the Enterprise Content Marketing Maturity Model
  • 882
  • 06/16
  • Chad Pollitt
Effective content promotion depends not only on online PR and advertising but also on searching your ecosystem for brands with familiar audiences. Those are the brands with which you could form a mutually beneficial relationship.…
Including Your Business Partners in Your Content Promotion Plan
  • 1.6K
  • 06/12
  • Matthew Gratt
Resources are tight in most organizations and executives want what is best for the company they serve, especially when it comes to earned media. “This means an organization will only invest in publicity activities that…
The Real Problem With Content Saturation
  • 8.8K
  • 06/09
  • Rodger Johnson
What’s the secret to successful content promotion campaigns? Some people might say it’s great content, while others might tell you that great ideas, a big budget or a Rolodex full of influencers are key. All…
Running a Successful Content Promotion Campaign: The Lost Art of the Launch
  • 1.6K
  • 06/04
  • Matthew Gratt
  As is the case with all aspects of marketing at a startup, spinning up content production is tough. Getting it distributed to the right audience (or any audience for that matter) is even tougher,…
3 Content Distribution Tips For Your VC-Backed Startup
  • 718
  • 06/04
  • Steven Shattuck
Content promotion and distribution have been hot topics in online marketing in 2014, and for good reason. Brands that have struggled to find success through content marketing initiatives are beginning to understand why—it’s usually less…
Content Promotion vs. Content Distribution
  • 9.3K
  • 06/04
  • Eric Murphy
What value does a "Like" on social media actually have? Less than you might think. Learn how to use shared media to gain trust, and realize real ROI.
Stop Chasing the “Like” – Build Trust, Not Just Followers
  • 1.2K
  • 06/04
  • Peyman Nilforoush
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