Media Relations

When you’re engaged in content marketing or any other kind of promotional activity, you have one main goal: attract as many website visitors as possible, and convert them into paying customers. However, you have another…
5 Proven Customer Retention Strategies
  • 137
  • 02/13
  • Warren Fowler
In this era of the Internet, the fact is that having a strong online presence is of an essence. How do you take care of your website? You design the perfect experience, implement customer testimonials,…
How Can Online Customer Reviews Positively Impact Your Business
  • 548
  • 02/08
  • David Koller
In the age of the Digital Era, it’s a little ironic, though not surprising, that customers crave personal brand relationships. While almost every touchpoint along the path to purchase can be automated now, it’s more…
5 New Smart Trends That Are Changing the Way Customers Interact With Your Brand
  • 1K
  • 02/01
  • Courtney Myers
A Viable Partnership As a way to supercharge their social media campaign strategy, Viacom has acquired influencer marketing firm Whosay. Steve Ellis, CEO of Whosay, made the announcement on the Whosay Twitter account this morning.…
Influencer Marketing Firm Whosay is Now a Viacom Company
  • 588
  • 01/08
  • Relevance News Desk
Along with most marketing practices today, public relations has progressed to meet a wide range of new and emerging client needs. Public relations not only offers media relations and thought leadership but can strategically be…
Making PR More Measurable
  • 139
  • 10/18
  • Chris Rosica
The pre-cable television, pre-Internet media universe comprised a few major television networks, traditional radio, hard copy newspapers, a variety of magazines that were available nationally and several trade publications in each major industry. Today’s assortment…
PR is Dead : Long Live PR…As Thought Leadership
  • 138
  • 08/25
  • Chris Rosica
If you’re a blogger or marketing specialist, you’re sending dozens of outreach emails every single week. Sometimes you’ll invite influencers to take part in an interview, but mostly you’ll be pitching guest post ideas. If…
outreach letters
  • 580
  • 02/20
  • Jessica Freeman
This article is dedicated to the editors, reporters and producers who receive tons of crap emails every single day and meant for anyone who is trying to connect with these people on a regular basis. Pitching…
  • 526
  • 02/15
  • Michael Volpatt
To stand out in the crowd, you must write compelling subject lines, get straight to the point and offer influencers real value for their endorsement.
3 Things You're Doing Wrong in Your Influencer Outreach
  • 545
  • 12/07
  • Kara Kamanec
Potentially one of your most reliable sources for brand advocates, blogger relations must be transparent and regularly nurtured.
Blogger Relations: The Key to Growth?
  • 470
  • 11/10
  • Jerome Iveson
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