Media Relations

Interest in content is shaped by immediacy, situation and news value. When these criteria are met, journalists are more likely to run with the content.
Leveraging Agenda-Setting to Earn Your Share of Discussion
  • 740
  • 07/17
  • Rodger Johnson
The most popular content on the New York Times and Buzzfeed in 2013 were quizzes. While the content was vastly different, its promotion wasn't.
Promoting Interactive Content
  • 396
  • 07/15
  • Matthew Gratt
With the increased presence and power of social media comes a need to build a marketing strategy that allows influencers to speak on behalf of brands.
The Rise of Influencer Marketing
  • 706
  • 07/14
  • Ted Karczewski
Search traffic to websites is declining and social referrals are exploding. If someone is going to read your content, it had better be engaging and concise.
Social Referrals, Not Search, is the Future for PR
  • 482
  • 07/09
  • Jason Kintzler
If your advanced content isn’t enjoying the success that it should, it may be time to have your PR team put some of the tenets of inbound marketing to use.
Content Marketing Returns
  • 928
  • 07/08
  • Emily McGowan
Thanks to the Internet, the age-old art of content marketing is evolving. The information superhighway has become one of the most powerful platforms for marketing, and marketers have learned that it’s not enough to embrace industry trends as they…
The Futurist's Guide to Content Marketing
  • 786
  • 06/18
  • Sharmin Kent
If you build content, will your audience come view and share it? Successful digital PR can lead to successful content marketing.
No, Content Marketing is Not Like Field of Dreams
  • 1.3K
  • 06/17
  • Kevin Bailey
For a successful media campaign to impact business goals, the effort must be sustained and long-term.
Business Results
  • 859
  • 06/11
  • Rodger Johnson
Resources are tight in most organizations and executives want what is best for the company they serve, especially when it comes to earned media. “This means an organization will only invest in publicity activities that…
The Real Problem With Content Saturation
  • 9.3K
  • 06/09
  • Rodger Johnson
The PR industry is normally anti-hype, relying on valuable and honest messaging to earn exposure; but publicity stunts are the one big exception. Although they’re not a common tactic for most PR pros because of…
Publicity PR Stunts: Risky Business Or Revenue Rewards?
  • 1.6K
  • 06/03
  • Ashley H. Sherman
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