Educate Your Users with Visually Compelling How-To Videos

Want to help people understand how to use your product, app, software or platform? Nothing does it better than a how-to video. People would rather watch a video to know about a product than to read about it from a blog post or a static advertisement, making explainer videos quite a popular form of content marketing for brands and businesses.

Why is it Essential to Create a How-to Video?

Other than making it easy for your customers to understand your product, a few important reasons to create a how-to video are:

Value-Addition for Your Customers: When you have a demonstrative video (a fancy term for how-to videos), you are showing to the customers that you care about them. You don’t want them to waste precious time trying to figure out how to work around a platform. Instead you take care of that through the video where you teach them step-by-step how to go about it. That’s a value addition for your customers and a gesture that will help you retain them.

Retaining Audience Attention: Ever had to install DIY furniture only to realize it would have been easier if there was a video? That’s the same way people feel when they have to navigate through your product or app. It’s hard to retain attention when they have to keep switching between written instructions to understand how something works. Help them retain attention with a video and accompanying audio that guides them through the steps.

It Elevates Your Brand Image: How-to videos are not just for the audience to learn how to use a product; it is also one of the best tools for advertisement and building brand image. Remember that videos are easier to share so if a customer ever had to recommend your business or product to a friend, they will do so by sharing your video which automatically builds your brand image!

Examples of Best How-to Videos

Here are some of the best examples of animated and non-animated How-to videos (Learn more about it on this useful blog post by Kasra Design):

Nifty on BuzzFeed :If you follow BuzzFeed, you’d know that they have been producing how-to video content for quite some time now. Owning two popular brands – Tasty and Nifty, Buzzfeed has been mastering the art of How-to videos. Whether it’s a cool DIY project or a quick dinner recipe, Buzzfeed’s quirky how-to videos are viewed and shared by millions every day. If you want to learn how to make interesting and catchy how-to videos, Buzzfeed is a great inspiration. Demonstrative videos about a product doesn’t have to be boring and it doesn’t always have to be animated to be interesting.’s video about their product is crisp, fast and does the job perfectly well in helping people know more about the platform!

AirBnB:  It’s easy to explain a product like, but how do you explain a service like AirBnB? Through a simple video that has a good script and an explorer explaining how the service works without boring the viewer.

Google: When it comes to animated explainer videos, no one does it better than Google. In fact, Google sets the benchmark for all other animated videos to follow suit. Here’s a list of top ten Google explainer videos for your inspiration!

Ikea: Black and white animated videos may be done to death, but if you’ve got a good script, great sound and a simple, easy to follow animation like Ikea, you can be sure it works just as fine!

How to Create a Kick-ass How-to Video?

A storyboard demonstrating a solid understanding of the product, requirements & purpose is essential to creating a kick-ass how-to video. Some important things to watch out are:

  • The Purpose: Not all how-to videos have to be animated. Identify the purpose of the video & how it could best be presented. If you’re selling a hair product, demonstrate it on a real person. If you’re selling a software, do it with an interesting screencast, or better still, a custom animated video with wireframes created in a simpler format.
  • Have a Good Script: Your message should be on point, easy to understand and give customers the information they need within just 2 minutes. People don’t want to watch videos for long so don’t drag your video with a boring narration. Be crisp, be on point and try ending your video within a minute to a maximum of 1.5 minutes.
  • Make it fun and appealing: PayPal being the best example above! If you can make a funny and light-hearted video that can hold a strong message, you’ve nailed it! Don’t be too formal. Add some fun elements so your audience can learn and be entertained at the same time.

How-to videos are great for brand building, for educating your audience and to leverage your content marketing efforts. If you haven’t got a cool demonstrative video in the pipeline, this is the perfect time to get one made!