Essay: Why Is Generation Z the New SEO-Marketing Target in the UK

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Are you older than 22? Apparently, marketers are losing interest in you now. Yeah, that`s a bummer. And youstill think that millennials are ruling the world nowadays!

The main problem in the relations between Generation Z and brands` marketing teams is that those progressive young people don`t like buying stuff. They really aren`t into fancy cars, expensive jewelry, big houses. They feel comfortable staying with the parents till their late twenties and prefer flexible work hours.

As some specialists report, millennials have even killed some industries. At the moment, they represent the majority ofAmerican and European population.

It seems only natural that marketers would like to focus their attention on another target audience.That`s where Generation Z comes on stage.

If you`ve been wondering how youngsters who haven`t even turned 22 yet can be active buyers, you know how to think logically, my friend. This thought has hit us as well, and the whole answer can fit in one word – technologies.

Social media are already playing by the rules of Generation Z. A huge number of advertisers use social media as their platforms. So, one thing leads to another, and we have new people who are setting trends in the modern world.

Homelanders (that`s just their other name) aren`t so thrilled about the current system of higher education. They are sure that you can`t be successful if you`re a specialist in only one narrow field. So, if you`re one of those crazy kids who have better things to do than writing all those university essays, we can give you some advice.

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Tech-Savvy Enthusiasts

Kids these days can break into your Facebook account, buy one thousand bitcoins, sell them, make a huge profit in a couple of seconds, whilein the meantime you are posting pictures on Instagram.

Since the very birth they live in the world of technologies. They don`t know what it`s like going to the library to look for materials, and they have no idea why theywould spend a sleepless night trying to remember a name of a song if they can just google it.

So. the new era of advertisement will be aimed at smartphone users and social media enthusiasts. Of course, billboards and TV commercials won`t disappear, but they will have a different target audience.

When it comes to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other members of this family, they will be oriented to the iGeneration. Yep, this name appeared because of their obsession with modern technologies and those apples which miss a little bite.

A University Degree? Puh-lease

As we have stated above, Gen Z isn`t that excited about getting higher education, but it doesn`t mean that they are less educated. In fact, they have much more opportunities than any other people who have ever lived on this planet.

Due to the worldwide acceptance ofthe importance of equal rights, more girls in the Third world and developing countries get a chance to enter universities. What`s about the lack of the very desire to go to university then?

You see, this young generation is incredibly clever. They see the flaws of a modern education system, and they don`t hesitate to articulate their intention to study something that will be actually applicable in their future jobs.

Basically, some of them even take college years as a waste of time. Nevertheless, they are working hard to get their diplomas because the understanding of the significance of this document won`t go away anytime soon.

Generation Z is a group of people who are more self-educated than anybody else. They have an unlimited access to the world’s treasury of knowledge 24/7. They can find any information they want. They realize that there is no point to remember some historical or geographical data if you can check this information any moment you want.

Post-Millennials use various apps in order to know more about this world. Taking into consideration the fact that apps and websites are basically ruling the online and even offline world, it`s only natural that SEO-strategies have changed in order to please those information-thirsty kids.

The Offline World Basically Doesn`t Exist

We`re not going to pile you with the number of hours an average teenager spends on social media? or the percentage of 5-year-old kids who have their own smartphone. Seriously, it`s like the only topic that is being discussed on the news nowadays.

Meanwhile, some sociologists and psychologists claim that it`s just another natural stage of human development. We create artificial intelligence and, potentially, mankind can become a part of a huge computer. We’ll give you a couple of minutes to think this through.

So, would you like a computer to live inside your brain? That`s a tricky question, I know. But we need to get back to that new generation of Deltas.

They made the first steps towards this global human-robot merger. They spend so much time on the Internet that it has become the only way to sell them something or to attract their attention. Generation Z won`t worry about how much time they spend online because it is perceived as a norm. That`s why these young fellas are practically like a godsend for SEO-managers.

  • 1.1K
  • 03/5

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