Facebook Announces Launch of Creative Compass For Detailed Measure of Various Metrics

During the recently held Annual Global Partner Summit in New York, Facebook announced the launch of a diagnostic tool for agency partners. Called Creative Compass, the tool has been designed to provide a measure of the various metrics that can help agencies understand what kind of action people are likely to take after watching a specific ad on Facebook. The move to introduce the tool is part of the expansion of Facebook Marketing Partners or FMG program to assist small agencies and consultants.

Facebook is committed to helping advertisers do better in crucial aspects of marketing by enhancing their ability to measure offline conversions and offering small business solutions. By offering agencies the latest in ad technology and community management, they hope to make the ad experiences more effective.

How Can This Move Affect You?

Creative Compass is designed to better measure the impact of ad creatives. It helps measure various elements such as visual aspects, brand association, and message comprehension. It can help marketers and agencies understand what action people in their audiences are likely to take after seeing an ad. This, along with measuring the outcome of click-through and conversions was clearly a problem area for agencies. Until now, they could only get a relevancy score for each ad creative but with the Creative Compass, they can get detailed indicators which can be used for deeper evaluation. Partners will be able to read a snapshot of message comprehension, and the emotional reward it will bring.

Facebook is presently testing Creative Compass with select partners and will be making it available to all partners in 2019 to give them a competitive advantage.

According to Jonathan Hendrickson, founder, and chief executive officer of the mobile ad creative firm and FMP Shuttlerock, “Creative Compass is an innovative tool that provides us with a quick, non-biased review of creative. As we continue to scale mobile-optimized creative globally, the ability to diagnose positives and negatives of ad creative across regions empowers us to make accurate creative decisions for different cultures. Meaningful and standardized reporting like this is fast and convenient, and we can quickly learn if what we’re doing works.”

Facebook has also announced two expansions of its partner program aimed at attracting consultants and smaller agencies who want to work with small and mid-sized accounts.

At present, Facebook is accepting applications in North America, UK, France, and Germany to meet the growing demand for technology implementation services such as pixel deployments, product catalog setup and dynamic ads campaign setup.

Facebook has expanded its list of partners this May to include marketing mix modeling (MMM) and viewability and mobile app measurement (MMPs) vendors.