Facebook Announces Prime Time Anytime

Facebook Brings More Ad Optimization Solutions to Marketers

Gone are the days of advertisers vying for the choice time slots to air their commercial. Facebook’s Prime Time Anytime ad insights and new multichannel measurement solutions help businesses build their brand at any time, rather than relying on a single channel to reach their audience.

Prime Time Anytime is part of Facebook’s Measure What Matters education program and is designed to help marketers “understand ad measurement principles, learn creative best practices, optimize ad delivery, grow cross-channel marketing and improve video performance.” These new insights and strategies will help businesses build more effective marketing campaigns and ultimately build their brand by reaching their ideal audiences.

Facebook breaks this education down into four modules:

  • Design Your Destiny: helping businesses learn creative best practices and discover new ways to help ad content stand out from the competition. Business will also learn how data can help marketers plan, create and launch more effective campaigns and test new ideas.


  • Bid to Build: shows businesses how to grow their brand by making ad delivery decisions that ensures ads reach the most valuable audiences possible, enhancing ROI and cost per result. The latest insights will help marketers understand how running ads across multiple channels can maximize value and deliver unprecedented benefit.


  • Big Picture Planning: explains research and consumer insights that show how television commercials, digital ads and Facebook campaigns can work seamlessly together to reach larger audiences, retarget potential missed opportunities and enhance ad delivery. Facebook also shares case studies of companies like Kia and Denny’s who used Big Picture Planning to enhance their reach, maximize advertising budgets and target specific audiences.


  • Video Value: presents research on both short- and long-duration videos, specifically on mobile devices, and explains how businesses can optimize both options for brand growth. This education will help businesses develop a video strategy, create innovative video content and optimize the video experience for mobile devices.


Every savvy business owner knows that measuring and monitoring advertising data helps them make smarter decisions that minimize effort and maximize budgets and ROI. Facebook will continue to update educational modules and insights over the next few months.

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