Facebook Brings New Video Tools to Content Creators

Facebook Shows Their Support for Creators

Facebook’s community of video creators is growing rapidly and the social site is showing their support by giving them new content creation tools designed to improve interactivity and boost business and audience growth.

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Facebook announced the suite of tools in a blog post and have organized them into three categories; ‘Managing Creators’ Presence on Facebook, ‘Building a Business on Facebook,’ and ‘Engaging and Growing Creators’ Communities.’

Some of the overarching highlights include polling for Facebook Live, on-demand video and gamification for Facebook Live, new Facebook Watch videos, a new Brand Collabs Manager, and an Ad Breaks program.

Why Now?

More and more creators are diving into video this year and these new features are a reflection of Facebook’s mission to create a more engaging space for its existing and new video creators.

This new initiative could also be Facebook’s attempt to compete with Youtube; reigning king of video and home to the most successful and innovative video creators in the world.

Youtube’s vast creator space has gotten incredibly competitive and it can be difficult to find and build an audience. Facebook’s new video tools could make the social network a viable, alternative space for creators looking to build an audience in a less crowded community.

Some of Facebook’s new tools are similar to the features already available in Youtube’s community tab (updated in November) so it’s entirely possible that Facebook is taking cues from the company to streamline their entry into the video space.

Whether or not creators will migrate over to Facebook is yet to be determined but Facebook is doing whatever they can to make their space as accommodating as possible.

Read on for a breakdown of some of Facebook’s most content marketing-relevant video features and let us know which feature you’re most excited to try in the comments.

Strengthening Creator/Fan Connections

Facebook is going the extra mile to make audiences active participants in creators’ videos. Creators can now a range of interactive features directly into their videos including polls, challenges, quizzes, and more. In a blog post, Facebook stated,

“These can all be used within an individual video or to create a standalone game show. We’re giving creators a blank canvas to allow them to do what they do best — create! — and we can’t wait to see how they innovate.”

The new polling feature in particular seems promising for marketers. The feature lets creators insert questions with a set of answers into their videos, allowing viewers to share their opinions on any number of topics.

For example, a marketer working for a coffee shop could host a video chat and quickly ask a consumer which of two new drinks they prefer. A brand could also ask for advice on future drink ideas or even what to talk about in future videos.

This could give brands a chance to engage with audiences in a new, fun, and creative way, promote new products or services, and gather consumer data in an inconspicuous, informal way.

Managing Creators’ Presence

Facebook is giving creator pages a facelift with a new video template that creators and publishers can use on their Facebook pages. According to the Facebook blog, this new template puts video and community content on the front of a creator’s page. There will also be special modules for videos and groups.

This is a big organizational advantage for brands looking to build an audience through video marketing efforts. Page admins can have more control over their audience groups and get a measure of which videos receive more engagement than others. The template is optional and if a creator doesn’t like it, they can always revert back to the original.  

Facebook is also expanding their creator app to global audiences and is currently accepting applications for ‘Rights Managers for Creators;’ a tool that helps publishers combat copyright infringement by controlling where and how their content appears. This could be a big plus for smaller brands worried about other organizations stealing or reposting their original content.

Turning Video Creation Into a Business

Facebook is taking steps to help creators turn a profit from their video creation by introducing new ad and e-commerce solutions. a few new monetization products. Facebook states,

Creators with longer content that fans come back for can monetize effectively through ads. Creators with super-fans or niche content can earn money directly from their audience through fan subscriptions or digital goods. Branded content can work for a range of creators who have audiences that businesses want to reach.

One of the new monetization products Facebook is offering is the Brand Collabs Manager. This manager lets brands search for and find creators to match with and establish deals and partnerships with.

For brands, this tool could streamline influencer marketing efforts and make the process more secure and trustworthy (Ad giant Unilever recently ran into trouble with ‘fake influencers.’)

Facebook has been testing the solution with a limited set of creators and is now officially opening the tool up to everyone.

Facebook is also opening up their new Ad Breaks program to more US-based creators. The Ad Breaks program, particular to creators who specialize in long form content, was announced last year and is essentially akin to Youtube’s mid-roll ads.

Because Facebook is focusing more on authenticity in every aspect of their site, the tool will be available first to creators who create original, engaging content that fosters loyal communities.

This program could be a big selling point for creators considering leaving Youtube or deciding between the two platforms.

Final Thoughts

Youtube has been on a demonetization spree as of late and many creators, especially those with smaller subscriber bases and/or who specialize in sexual education or LGBT content, are furious. While demonetization has improved for some creators in the past few months, some LGBTQ creators have been noticing harsh, anti-gay ads on their content, which might be even worse.

Vidcon co-founder Hank Green explains this Youtube issue quite passionately below.

In a nutshell, the Youtube ad system has come under a tremendous amount of fire and Facebook is doing their utmost to lure creators in with the promise of fair pay and there’s a good chance it just might work.

Facebook is also launching a limited program called Facebook for Creators Launchpad to support creators it thinks fans will actively search for in Facebook Watch. The program is by application only and creators chosen for the program can still churn revenue with Ad Breaks.

It’s well worth it for brands to join in on the fun because, if accepted, brands can get their content in front of much larger audiences. According to Facebook, the program will…

“focus on creators with longer, authentic content that brings people back, that are focused on building a loyal community of fans, and who meet our monetization standards and follow our content guidelines for monetization.”

Let us know what you think about these new tools in the comments. Do you think any of them will be useful for marketing? (We’ll share our favorite comment on Twitter so type away!)