Facebook Offers More Video Advertising Options to Take On YouTube

In a move that can potentially impact the video content landscape, Facebook is offering brands more option to be selective about the videos and shows they want to advertise on. This is a move similar to what Google offers advertisers for YouTube ads. Facebook will also introduce an ad form in which advertisers will be charged only

The announcement was made in a blog recently. It says that Facebook will allow companies to use their In-Stream Reserve feature to post advertisements at a premium. Only the most engaging, high quality and creative content will be approved and show to specific Nielsen-verified target audiences.

Advertisers can choose their topics on which they want the ads to run under the In-Stream Reserve Categories. These video ads are watched in full 70 per cent of the time, claims Facebook.

Google Preferred runs on the same lines and provides advertisers the option of running ads on the top five percent of popular YouTube videos.

In both instances, there is an advance payment element and works on a format similar to television ads.

Advertisers can run ads on specific shows or choose a single show to run their ads exclusively on Facebook. Some programs have been handpicked for running trial ads.

Some programs will charge advertisers only if their ads are watched to the end, or viewed for at least 15 seconds. Google runs a similar format where charges are applicable only if people watch the full 30-second ad. Lesser viewings will attract a different, lower charge.

According to CNBC, Facebook had been discussing these programs with media buyers for quite some time now.