Facebook Unveils Plans To Open Their First Data Center in Asia

Facebook has announced that it will be opening its first data center in Asia in Singapore. The company will be investing more than a billion dollars (SG$1.4 billion) in this project. The data center will most likely open in 2022 depending on the speed at which the construction will take place. The facility will be housed in an 11-story building. The aim is to run all services offered by Facebook faster and in a more efficient manner.

The data center will be located close to the West of the island, near to the place where Google is also expanding its data centers by investing $850 million. Google will focus on areas such as mobile growth, ecommerce, and cloud computing to meet the growing demand for their services across the region.

Facebook has stated that it plans to use 100 per cent renewable energy to power the170,000 square meter facility. They also plan to introduce a new technology – State Point Liquid Cooling System’ that will bring down the consumption of water and power significantly. The project will help create hundreds of jobs and will be a part of the growing presence of Facebook in Singapore and other parts of Asia.

“This will be our first data center in Asia,” Facebook’s vice president of infrastructure data centers Thomas Furlong mentioned to the local authorities during a press conference. “The data center isn’t country specific to where users are located…it’s a dynamic process,” he added.

Asia Pacific accounts for 894 million monthly users which add up to nearly 40 percent of the total user base, making it the highest region based on users. However, the region does not make much money for Facebook, bringing in sales of just $2.3 billion in the last business quarter. That accounts for a mere 18 per cent of the total revenue. In fact, it is less than half the revenue that Facebook generated from the U.S during the same period.

Facebook aims to close that revenue gap by introducing more efficiency in their services.

Apart from Facebook, Google is also planning heavy investments in data centers in Asia lately. They have revealed plans to develop a third data center in Singapore. They already have data centers for Asia, located in Taiwan.

Facebook has a number of data centers in the United States and quite a few in Sweden and Ireland while it is building a facility in Denmark.

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