Facebook’s New Review Process for Its Marketing API is Underway

Facebook Goes on a Deprecating Spree

On July 2nd, Facebook announced a new update to its platform that will make it a little more difficult for apps to gain access to its marketing API.

The social media giant announced in a blog post that it is deprecating several tools and adding new AP restrictions as a way to help people protect their data; possibly as another safeguard in the wake of the highly scrutinized Cambridge Analytica scandal. All apps will also have to go through a new review process in order to access Facebook’s marketing API.

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This new review will be cut down from a three tier process to a two-tier structure and all developers must go through it before they can access the API.

New Rollbacks and Restrictions

Per a Facebook NewsRoom post written by Ime Archibong, Facebook’s VP of Product Partnerships, the company is shuttering the Graph API Explorer App starting today. This app was used by developers to run test queries.

Facebook will also be shutting down the Profile Expression Kit on October 1st due to low adoption and, on August 1st, the company will be deprecating Topic Search, Topic Insights and Topic Feed and Public Figure APIs due to low usage.

However, there are some positive updates to the API on the way. Archibong writes,

“We’re making it possible for developers to search for Facebook Pages via the Pages API again. This will enable them to more easily find similar Pages, to @mention other Pages in Facebook comments or posts, and tag a Page in a Facebook ad for co-branding purposes.”

However, in accordance with the new review process, developers will not be able to access Page Public Content without feature permissions obtained through the review.

Facebook is also introducing a new app review permissions for the Lead Ads Retrieval and Live video APIs.

Final Thoughts

The post Cambridge-Analytica Facebook can seem like unfamiliar territory for marketers. The company has rolled out several new initiatives and advertising designed with user data protection in mind.

From new political ad verification processes to a ban and then a subsequent unban of cryptocurrency content, to an entirely new news feed algorithm, Facebook is going all in to combat data misuse and fake and misleading news.

For marketers, these constant updates can seem a bit jarring but for the general public, the promise of less spammy content and more content stemming from friends and family is refreshing.

However, all is not lost for marketers looking to launch ad campaigns or perform content marketing exercises on the platform. Facebook is only weeding out disingenuous, inauthentic paid content that serves little to no engagement value, not the content that actually means something.

Moving forward, marketers will have little to no choice but to inject more creativity in their content marketing efforts to stay afloat in this new landscape.

What do you think about these new API restrictions and rollbacks? Let us know in the comments!