Find An Ecommerce Product To Sell: Five Ideas For Your First Product

Starting is an e-commerce store is a profitable business idea in itself. Everyone knows if they can offer something unique on their online store, they will disrupt the market. However, the biggest challenge is getting unique eCommerce product ideas.

The eCommerce industry is advancing at an aggressive pace. Businesses are coming with ideas that are transitioning products and services from the physical market to the digital space. It is an ideal time for an entrepreneurial plunge. Which product to sell on your eCommerce site?

I took some time researching various trending eCommerce sites and found the following innovative eCommerce business ideas for your store in 2019:

1. Disaster management products

I am indicating the products, supplies, gears, and equipment that support people in disaster management, disaster recovery, and relief. Currently, you can get most of such products on Amazon or Walmart, but the challenge is finding them at one place. You cannot find everything in one place, neither can you know the stuff you actually need.

You can capitalize on the challenges and leverage the situation to make some good money selling a unique range of products. You can employ the best eCommerce marketing ideas to present your niche-store as a knowledge-base of disaster management. You can educate people on the stuff they didn’t know.

For example, when people stock up the supplies for an expected hurricane, they might move to Amazon or Walmart. However, with such a huge catalog, people don’t realize which products they should actually stock up. You can leverage the situation and customize your store to educate customers on the products listed on your disaster management web store. You can create custom categories, featured listings, blogs, and recommended products, and let them read and comprehend about the products they can use in case of a particular emergency.

Conventionally, I would just make a list of the things I might need in case of an emergency and buy them separately. Depending on my comprehension, I might miss out some crucial products in the process.  However, once I look at the above listing on Amazon, I can easily comprehend the stuff I would need to survive for 72 hours with 3 more persons.

Apply eCommerce marketing ideas like this on your own web-shop and sell supplies with a guided approach. Create combo listings for different kinds of emergencies and strengths of people. You have got a huge catalog to sell on a disaster supply shop:

  • Survival kits
  • First aid kits
  • Earthquake fasteners
  • Solar equipment
  • Tents
  • Sanitation and Hygiene products
  • Packaged water supply
  • Water purifiers
  • Packaged food, and much more.

2. Community-Based products

In 2019, there are thousands of eCommerce marketplaces out there. Though the leaders are the ones selling everything for everyone, you don’t actually have to do that too. Things have gone micro-niche and the stores targeting a particular segment are performing way better.

Here is the key: If you cannot become Amazon, be what Amazon is not. It’s all about targeting a niche and making sales to that segment. With a little research, you can come across dozens of eCommerce products ideas for a community-based catalog.

There is no shortage of communities. In fact, most of them are global, such as gamers, artists, singers, actors, photographers, and many more. For instance, you can target the LGBTQ community and open an LGBTQ store. There are millions of people who belong to this community, and million others who support them. Sell products and merchandise that entice this community. If gamers can sell an array of gaming related products and merchandise, why can’t this community have pride in selling products that show equal rights and stature for everyone?

You can always leverage tending products to sell targeting various niches and sub-niches. Supply the products that the community would love buying. You can learn from this web-shop, which sells art supplies for an array of verticals.

3. Don’t sell just rent the stuff

When everyone is busy selling stuff on the internet, take a plunge to dive in the rental eCommerce market. Don’t just sell products, sell their rental subscriptions. Renting in 2019 is one of the most trending eCommerce product ideas.

You can rent a product or service or software. There is no limit to this. People are loving the idea of using something for the time they need it and then ditching it with no commitment. They are preferring to rent than buying for good. The base idea is giving a better way to get luxurious products for a cheaper price and save the huge sum which incurs in buying them at once.

You can sell rental subscriptions for an array of products and services such as mobile phones, TVs, gaming computers, laptops, furniture, garments, accessories, car, bike, and many others.

You can add further sophistication to your rental service by customizing your business model.

  • Instead of longer subscriptions, you can rent products on a daily or hourly basis. E.g. bikes, cars, etc.
  • You can introduce a rent to own model where customers can buy the rented product after a certain time.
  • You can rent event specific products, such as speakers, microphones, decorative lights, tents, etc.
  • You can rent a package of different kinds of products. For example, a kitchen set, a living room set with furniture, TV, refrigerator, etc.

For example, this rental service rents individual items, and also a complete package for a room or house.

4. Custom eCommerce products

In addition to ready-made and rental products, custom products are trending eCommerce product ideas. In such a business model, you can choose to offer only custom products. However, for the custom part, you would get requirements from individual customers to prepare a product with custom requirements.

You can capitalize on an array of eCommerce business ideas and products in this particular niche. For example, custom furniture, carving on mugs, t-shirts, key chains, rings, jewelry, and fan-club merchandise.

This business idea can tag along with both individual and bulk product orders. It can entice both an individual and a whole community for customized merchandise. You can act both as a retailer or a whole-seller. There is no limit to this idea.

The best part is you can choose to bypass the inventory as well. Your only investment is in the customization of a product that you can get from a supplier on demand. For example, you can get in terms with a mug manufacturer and get plain mugs for your customized printing.

Here is how this works – look at this custom products eCommerce site. It sells all sorts of personalized and customized products with custom color, images, and texts on them.

The scale of a custom products store is unlimited. You can sell from a custom key chain to customized bikes or cars as well.

5. No ideas? Then just affiliate to sell

Making money selling eCommerce products is not limited to having your own stock. You can earn even without selling anything of your own. Just help other sites make a sale and earn commissions without investing in the cost price.

I am talking about an affiliate based eCommerce site. You just have to participate in the affiliate programs of popular eCommerce sites, and then you can curate their best products on your website.

There are different ways to capitalize on this model of eCommerce.

  1. You can promote their products and receive a commission for each sale generated by you.
  2. You can place their ad banners on your site and earn from the ad revenue.
  • You can list their products on your multi-vendor eCommerce site and earn commissions on the sales.

You can choose from a general product catalog to a niche listing. The choice is yours. You can also allow direct purchasing from your own site and redirect to the original site’s payment page for checkout. You can become an affiliate partner of multiple sites and list their products on your site.

Here is an example of an Amazon and Walmart affiliate site. It is primarily a blogging site which suggests related products from Amazon with its relevant blog posts and other content on the site. This is probably the best way to sell without having an inventory of your own.

To conclude

Use any of the above-mentioned innovative eCommerce products ideas to take the industry by storm. If you are planning to enter a crowded space like eCommerce, the ultimate key is offering a unique catalog. Make your eCommerce store stand out from the rest by at least one factor that no other can provide. Explore new niches, check the products and services on popular sites, and analyze if you can offer any of these in a better way. Offer the best proposition and take on your competitors with an unmatched catalog, product quality, delivery speed, or customer support. In short, be what others are not, and you will stand out.

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