Finding a Place for Branded Journalism in the World of Real Estate Content Marketing

It’s no big secret that content is the key to stepping through the digital door and into the lives of buyers and sellers in your area. However, is the status quo that comes with standard content marketing practices really enough to ensure realtors stand out in the crowded digital marketplace?

According to Peter Grant of The Wall Street Journal and other industry experts, the answer to this question – specifically for real estate professionals and the marketers that represent these individuals – lies in delving into the potential of branded journalism. To find out if this approach is right for you and your clients moving forward, let’s take some time to cover just what comes with enacting the branded journalism method.

The Basics of Branded Journalism

If you’re not familiar with the term, it’s probably a good idea to start with a quick overview of the branded journalism process. As Advertising Age’s Larry Light explains, this tactic is all about managing a brand story in the digital world and incorporating a “journalistic” style and tone into the related content.

In many ways, the driving force behind branded journalism is to push the boundaries of content marketing into a multi-dimensional approach that spans channels and online mediums. Blogging, long-form content, social posts, formal releases and all other offerings that represent real estate professionals move toward a unified presentation and away from disparate entities that don’t overtly work together.

Why Bother With This Approach?

If transforming a realtor’s digital presence into a marketplace news source that embodies journalistic integrity and appeal sounds hard, you’re not wrong. However, Sarah Skerik of Business 2 Community points out that there’s plenty of benefits for real estate agents and marketers willing to take on this challenge and make the switch.

To start, the branded journalism approach builds awareness about services and an affinity among buyers and shoppers in select areas. Why should these clients look elsewhere when they can come to a trusted and professional source for all of the latest news and information related to the area in question?

Additionally, having this tone and style in place helps set a contextually sound course for upcoming content marketing plans and offerings. Instead of struggling with brand identity issues and related tone and style quandaries, this clearly defined, journalistic approach ensures that concerns regarding consistency and content direction never enter the picture.

The most important benefit found within the acceptance of branded journalism is the acquisition of new and relevant audience segments. With each and every valuable real estate content piece produced under this method, the hosting site and domain takes another step up the SEO ladder to Page One.

Maximizing the Impact of Branded Journalism

So now that you’re up to date on what branded journalism is and why it works, it’s time to talk about how best to leverage this tool – either as a realtor yourself or on behalf of your clients. According to the aforementioned article from The Wall Street Journal’s Peter Grant, it all starts with embracing the homebuyer and seller lifestyle.

While other members of the community churn out generic “by the numbers” content, Grand points out that the truly successful pillars of this movement – including Elliman magazine – go above and beyond in terms of providing specialized and engaging offerings that relate to the daily needs and concerns of buyers and sellers.

From here, ensuring that the tone and presentation remain professional and consistent comes next. For some content developers, this attribute comes naturally. For others, the help of trained and experienced professionals can stand as the difference between hitting this high mark and watching all of the potential behind the branded journalism method walk out the front door.

Regardless of how you apply what you’ve learned here, the overarching message is a simple one to comprehend. When it comes to the connection between real estate and content marketing, it’s always a good idea to find a spot for branded journalism somewhere in the process.

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