Five Must-Try Tactics For Better Content Marketing

Content Marketing sphere is growing and it’s getting more competitive over time. In fact, we can count with over one billion blogs nowadays and, for that reason, it’s urgent to follow tactics for a better content marketing strategy in a way that you can stand out over your concurrence.

If you are wondering what Content Marketing is​, “Content Marketing is a Marketing strategy that consists in the creation of valuable content for your target audience and then publishing and sharing it in order to attract customers to perform profitably actions for your business and make them aware and loyal to your brand.”

With that said, and if you want to engage your audience, Follow the next Five Must-Try Tactics For a Better Content Marketing strategy.

1. Segment your Audience

Segmenting your target audience is truly important when doing a content marketing strategy. Since the users are already online, you just have to fit your content with their profile and needs so that it will be the most effective possible.

The best way to start a segmentation is to create and define a targeted persona so that you can better understand the profile of your ideal customer. Try to repeat different profiles based on your business niche, products or services.

These profiles should consider essential demographic traces such as age, income, family structure, occupation, and so on. By doing so, you’ll identify and understand different approaches to reach real users through your content.

2. Write Engaging Content

Now that you have better knowledge about your segmented audience, you’ll need to give them engaging and up-to-date content.

Instead of writing only a simple piece of text, think about diversifying the format. You can start by giving an interesting title and organize the body with compelling subheadings. Subheadings will act as a follow-up during the reader’s journey and will definitely help you to organize the whole body of text.

Just keep in mind that it’s important to follow up this specs along with concise and straight to the point content. So wrapping it up, create a solid piece of content with interesting titles, subheadings, different formats, and short paragraphs.

3. Be Consistent

Being consistent means behaving in the same way and having an attitude towards a specific goal. Connecting this concept to your content marketing strategy means that you’ll not only have to be faithful to your writing style but also posting regularly your content.

By doing this, your audience will be able to rely on your work as a source of valuable information on a specific routine. So stay persistent by creating an editorial calendar. Organize it by a daily, weekly, monthly or even annual basis plan, and stick to it.

Another favorable aspect of consistency is that Google prioritizes websites or blogs that keep on writing content on a regular basis. This demonstrates to search engines that your website or blog is being managed and maintained regularly, giving you better chances to rank to the first position on SERP’s.

4. Create New Formats

New formats – Another spec that will conquer your audience’s attention is the use of multimedia. Vary your content with other types of communication such as graphics, gifs, infographics, videos, etc. By doing it, you will stand out and attract your segmented audience.

Why not try video or audio based content? You’ll get views, it will show that you’re flexible on producing all types of content, and it’ll give you a more solid and credible connection with those who are about to reach you.

Please note that just because videos and podcasts are really trendy nowadays it doesn’t mean you have forcingly to produce them. Just be sure to explore a specific format that makes sense accordingly to your business’s goal.

5. Analyze and understand your Data

Understanding your audience behavior is the key to keep on following or changing a specific strategy. And how do you do it? By collecting important data and analyzing it.

Measuring the numbers from your content efforts allows you to see where your audience is engaging the most and where does not. This way you can have a clear vision on which type of strategy you should improve and on which you should avoid. Page views, unique visitors, leads, traffic, conversion rates are some of the most important metrics to follow.

With that said, It’s important for you to decide what you want to track, to measure it and to turn it to practical insights. And be sure that when a measurement is done right, you’ll be able to quicken strategic goals.

In the words of Campbell Macdonald, founder, and CEO of ​Pathful​, “Content Marketing is a powerful way to increase brand awareness and drive sales. By using reliable performance metrics to make decisions, you can capitalize on viable opportunities for growth.”

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