Five Tools to Fuel an Effective Content Marketing Strategy

In the world of online marketing, every company spends the bulk of their time looking for ways to help their campaigns and strategies fulfill their needs and guarantee an edge over the competition. In recent years, there’s been a heavy emphasis placed on content marketing strategies, and with good reason. Creating high-quality, brand-oriented content is an excellent way to generate interest and drive traffic, and it ties in perfectly with primary consumer touchpoints like email, search, and social media.

Still, with no shortage of competition, it’s not easy to stay ahead of the pack when creating and promoting brand content across a variety of platforms. The fact is, different content works in different places, so figuring out what to create and how to attract attention to what you’re pushing can be the difference between the success or failure of an entire marketing strategy. On top of that, making sure to maximize the impact of the traffic your content does generate is essential to making the whole effort worthwhile.

With that in mind, here’s a look at the best tools to use in all of your primary marketing channels to direct and promote your content strategy, and how to make the most of every customer interaction it generates.

Content Research – Buzzsumo

One of the most difficult tasks for any content marketing professional is trying to keep a finger on the pulse of whatever market they’re involved in. With the torrent of content that becomes available on any given day, trends shift constantly, making choosing subjects for new content quite difficult. With Buzzsumo, however, it’s possible to find out exactly what topics are trending and performing well in a given market in real-time. It’s a tool that provides a wealth of data to help content marketers figure out what content is working, and where to promote it for maximum effect.

Social Media Planning – Social Animal

Sometimes, it is desirable for content marketers to have access to insights about how different types of content are performing on specific social media platforms. Social Animal provides those insights, plus a whole lot more. It can not only help marketers to track trends on social media platforms – but it also provides granular insights into how different content performs at different times of day, identifies influencers associated with a marketing phrase or search term, and allows marketers to analyze competitors’ Facebook pages to see how they stack up.

Email Campaigns – MailChimp

Email marketing has always been one of the most cost-effective tools in any marketing professional’s arsenal. It provides a high ROI and can help to supercharge any content promotion strategy. It isn’t without its difficulties, however. Email marketers face an overwhelming amount of competition for user attention, so getting it right is no small feat. MailChimp is an all-in-one tool that allows marketers to plan, execute, and track their email marketing campaigns, as well as manage subscriber lists and measure engagement. It’s a must-have for any content marketer that plans to use email as a primary promotional channel.

Search Results – Serpstat

Achieving visibility on the major search engines is an absolute necessity for any successful content marketing campaign, so tracking and analyzing SERP information is crucial. Serpstat provides a detailed look at the available SERP data for any website, keyword, or link that can help marketers refine their approaches and guide their efforts to increase their visibility. All of the data is presented in a neat, easy to digest dashboard that lets users drill down into any bit of data, as needed. It’s a multifunction SEO tool that gives marketers everything they need to execute their search engine strategy as a part of their broader content marketing scheme.

Conversion Rate Optimization – Convincely

It’s one thing to use carefully created and curated content to drive brand awareness and traffic to a company’s web properties, but it’s another to turn that traffic into sales and real results. Convincely can handle that part of the process with a fully-managed conversion rate optimization service that can provide everything from UX research to creating adaptive action paths that lead to customer conversions. In short, a marketer can focus their attention on bringing in the prospects, while Convincely does the rest and turns them into loyal, repeat visitors and customers.

Covered from Start to Finish

The tools and services referenced here provide the means to create a complete, end-to-end solution that covers every aspect of a modern content marketing campaign. From content selection and creation all the way to conversion, there’s no part of the sales funnel that won’t benefit. Making use of them should provide a competitive advantage that will drive success in any market. Best of all, they all offer varying amounts of automation, which should enable marketers to manage ever larger campaigns with minimal need for additional help. The bottom line here is that smart content marketers should now have all of the tools to succeed – now it’s up to them to make the best use of them.