Four Ways To Podcast For Success And Brand Building

We live in a world where 40% of society 12 years or older has listened to a podcast at least once.

Since smartphones are continuously evolving and selling like hotcakes, and you see more people than ever wearing headphones when on the go, there’s a huge audience that you can reach when you hit people between the ears.

Podcasting is an excellent way to inform, entertain, and advertise who you are and what you do. You can grow your listenership like wildfire and begin monetizing your podcast, which also adds another revenue stream.

However, there are some principles for your podcast you’ll want to follow in order to make it a success. To be sure that you’re on the right track with your podcast, consider these four foundational keys.

Make Your True Voice the Strongest Priority

The market is oversaturated with podcasts. Does this mean that you missed the boat, and that you should move on to the next trend before it gets hot? 

Not hardly. All this means is that people have options, so you’ll need to make sure that your podcast is good and that it stands out. While there are lots of listeners with seemingly endless options, there’s enough attention to go around for everyone to get a piece of the pie.

Your voice is the main thing that will help you stand out and make your podcast top tier quality.

It’s highly unlikely that you’re covering a topic or area of interest that is so specific that you’re the only one in it. What separates you from the rest is the way you approach it. When you speak your truth, get comfortable expressing your personality, and strive to provide value first, people will have an authentic connection with you that will make them long-term loyal listeners.

It’s your authenticity and voice that will also make people want to spend money on your sponsors or products, since you provided them value first. If you’re trying to build your brand for long-term success, keep in mind that quality is everything, and that starts with honesty and effort.

Advertise And Stick To Your Schedule Religiously

The thing that differentiates digital advertising vs traditional advertising is speed.

People are bombarded with companies vying for their attention from the time they wake up to the time that they go to bed. If you’re inconsistent with publishing your podcast, you’ll quickly lose the attention of your listeners. This turnover is happening faster than ever, and people are digesting content at incredible rates and volume.

Pick a set schedule each week and record some episodes in advance that can tide you over if you need to miss an episode or two. If you train your public when to listen to you, your traffic will increase and people will trust your brand.

Add Video Whenever Possible

While people listen to podcasts voraciously, there’s also a huge market for video right now.

You can double down on the traffic that you get each time that you publish by also shooting a video version for YouTube. This helps with your search engine optimization, and you’ll find that different fans will prefer different versions for their own reasons.

For instance, someone that works from home might want the freedom to hook you up to the TV and stream the video version throughout their day, while someone with a heavy commute might prefer the audio version to get them through those dog days in traffic. By accommodating both audiences, it’s a win-win for your traction.

Work out the Kinks on the Go

It’s far better to correct as you go, rather than not publishing. Once you decide to launch the podcast, keep at it and try not to miss any episodes for any reason.

People don’t want perfect, they want quality. The loyal fans will even geek out over the fact that they were there from the beginning, so they can be proud following you on the journey and watching you get better at it.

Plus, learning happens by actually doing, so never hold back from those lessons by waiting for perfection that will never arrive.

If you follow these four tips, you’re well on your way to becoming a podcasting expert, which is an excellent development for any brand you’re putting together.