Game-Changing Marketing Trends You Need to Follow

Marketing is an ever-changing animal.

Just when you think you’ve got a handle on one aspect, something new comes along and you’re required to shift gears to keep up.

New trends are continually emerging that improve the way content is created and how it’s promoted.

Your success depends on your ability to compete and keep your business relevant through the shifts that will inevitably come.

Buckle up – here are some of the latest strategies that are expected to boost your success, help you create fresh content, and get that content seen in 2018.

Interactive content

Interactive content is any type of web-based tool that gives the user the chance to engage with the information.

For example, quizzes and surveys require the user to answer questions and they are given useful answers or results.

People are much more tuned in and engaged with content that they can interact with, as opposed to just viewing.

Mobile video

Mobile devices are the main way that people are accessing the internet today.

55% of web traffic is coming from smartphone and tablet usage and, in many homes, mobile devices are the only internet access available.

2018 is projected to see $18 billion spent on mobile video ads.

What this means for the savvy marketer is that it’ll be important to become familiar and even comfortable with the process in order to create mobile video content that appeals to your target audience.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is changing the way you market to your consumers.

The content is highly customized and can be automated based on their lifestyle and personality.

It does require a large investment up-front, but there’s every indication that it will be well worth it.

The usefulness of AI in marketing lies in its ability to detect the trends in users’ behaviors.

Big data analysis

The popularity of mobile devices gives marketers the opportunity to find out more information about users than ever before.

This gathered data can allow you to target your potential customers with ads specific to them, as well as minimize waste by not exhausting your efforts on the wrong people.

You can also narrow your audience by factors such as political affiliation, religion, location, and even interests.

You’re able to streamline your process and eliminate useless marketing efforts.

Social media

It’s easy to create a business profile on Facebook and it is well worth the effort, considering that there were almost two billion users as of January 2017.

And that’s just one of the social media platforms available today!

Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat, Pinterest, and YouTube are allowing users to make connections and engage with people online – anywhere in the world.

Sites like Facebook and Twitter will also offer useful analytics, as well as ad targeting.

There’s every indication that these platforms aren’t going anywhere anytime soon and you’ll need to put time and effort into cultivating your online presence through these mediums.

Chat bots

Chat bots have the ability to simulate conversations with human users online.

They have grown in popularity because they can quickly answer questions and offer suggestions, increasing the amount of people who can be helped in a short amount of time.

Chat bots have actually become more popular than social media messaging and your customers will expect that this is a way in which they can communicate with your brand.

Branded blogs

Company-specific blogs will continue to be used as a way to engage with target audiences.

They can be used for company updates, customer experience stories, guest posts by relevant influencers, and highlighting the current business trends.

As you post blogs that interest users, you’re growing your brand and having interactions right on your own website.

Innovative 2018

From social media to chat bots and artificial intelligence, the trends that are expected to be big in 2018 have the potential to invigorate your marketing strategies.

As the new year gets closer, it’s important to begin to look into these advances and see how you can employ them for the good of your business.

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