GE Appliances Unites Businesses and Creators with Giddy


Collaboration Reinvented

On January 5th, GE Appliances announced that they will be premiering a new online community platform called Giddy at CES 2018 in Las Vegas. This new mobile platform will give talented creators the rare opportunity to share their innovative ideas with big name brands and collaborate with them on new and existing projects.

Giddy arrives shortly after the success of GE Appliances’s FirstBuild, a co-creation community that connected driven creators with GE’s development team. The collaborative and mutually beneficial nature of FirstBuild led to the development of innovative new GE products in rapid speeds.

Giddy takes FirstBuild a step further as it attempts to unite businesses with designers, engineers, and other creators to help accelerate innovation. Businesses will be able to post ‘challenges’ for an online community of creators to solve. The creators, along with a businesses’ team of employees, will then help develop new ideas and frameworks that can be taken into production.

The Giddy team will provide guidance to businesses every step of the way, helping them make the most out of their goals and coordinated challenges.

The first challenge will be posted live at CES 2018. This challenge, according to a press release given by Giddy, will let community members “define friction points in modern home life, then propose a solution in the form of a product sketch or design.”

Businesses will have to pay a fee to get started with Giddy but creators can use the platform for free. According to the press release,

“Once registered, members can then view all the existing challenges available and work on those that match their expertise. Giddy leverages natural language for easy participation, multimedia for submissions and an online voting system to gather community feedback.”

The Giddy App: Image courtesy of GE Appliances

B2C Elevated

Giddy is crowdsourcing taken to a new level. The platform not only helps participating companies expedite innovation, but it gives them the opportunity to market themselves as forward thinking and collaboratively minded entities.

For years, brands have used B2C (business to consumer) marketing strategies as a way to forge stronger connections with audiences, release new and improved products, and improve their overall image. Giddy has taken the idea of B2C and built an entire platform around it; one that can give a voice to diverse groups of talented innovators across the globe.

While the B2C prospects for this platform are bright, the potential for B2B collaboration could also be game-changing. As the intuitive platform develops, businesses can reach out to specialist creators to collaborate on projects and tasks they can’t do in-house.

You can start participating in challenges by downloading Giddy in the App Store or Google Play Store. For more information on Giddy, visit and connect with them on LinkedIn.