Get the Right Eyes on Your Content with These 6 Tips

Great content doesn’t do you any good if no one sees it.

Creating content of the highest quality is only as effective as your promotional techniques.

No amount of awesome subject matter will make up for a lack of eyes on it.

There are some tips and tricks that today’s most successful marketers are using to get the word out about their new content.

Here are the best ideas for driving traffic to your site and bringing readers to your fresh content.

1. Get an influencer to weigh in

Before your blog is published, reach out to someone who has some pull in your industry and ask them to give you a quote that you can use in your article.

Fill them in on what your angle is and ask them if they would care to share their point of view.

Not sure how to reach someone of this kind of stature?

Consider a tool like BuzzStream.

The process is pretty simple:

  • Put in information about specific keywords.
  • Receive contact information for people who are influencers in that niche. This is in the form of their social media info or their email address.
  • Once you have a quote from someone, put it in your blog post with a link to the person’s website and/or their social media accounts.
  • After the post is published, contact the influencer who supplied you with the quote. Let them know the piece has been published and ask them to share it on social media or even to include it in their email newsletter communications.

This helps you out in two big ways.

It gives you exposure to a new audience and it gives your content some clout because it’s now associated with an industry influencer.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to several people to ensure that you get at least one of them on board.

2. Create bite-sized pieces to share on social media

You should be able to pull at least 20 snippets of information from one blog post that can be shared on social media.

You should share these brief extracts over the next few weeks and even months.

As you see positive feedback – share more.

Wondering what makes a good snippet?

Here are some ideas:

  • Use some variations of the title.
  • Take some short statements from within the article.
  • Use condensed quotes from the blog.
  • Share some statistics that were presented in the article.

The idea is to continually inundate your outlets with the most informative pieces of your blog post in order to attract attention.

3. Don’t hesitate to name names

Sometimes it pays to be a name-dropper.

After your content has been published, share it on your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn profiles, making sure to mention the names of the industry experts and influencers that you referenced in your article.

They’ll see that you acknowledged them and may decide to reshare your content, giving you a much larger reach than you would have had before.

4. Stay in touch with your resources

Every mention you give someone in your articles should prompt you to make contact with them.

Shoot them an email and let them know that you referenced them and ask them to read what you wrote and share any feedback they may have with you.

Again, you won’t get everyone to respond or share, but you’ll most likely get at least one or two and that’s more than zero!

5. Attract a new audience


By turning your content into a video.

Take your blog post and create something that you can post on YouTube, Vimeo, and any other platform in which there are a great number of people searching for solid videos.

If you optimize your video, you’ll get even more miles out of it.

You may want to also consider creating a video as the original content form.

This will allow you to take parts of the audio out and make a podcast or use the transcription to then make a blog post.

6. Capitalize on your most popular posts

Use whatever analytics tool you want and find the blog content that is currently getting the most traffic, as well as the past month or several months.

The next step is to use a tool like Social Crawlytics to figure out what content of yours has been shared the most.

Once you’ve identified a few posts, go in and link to your new article.

You can also add in sidebar advertisements or “related content” links at the bottom of the post.

The bottom line

In order for your amazing content to do its job, it has to be seen by as many people as possible.

Be a name-dropper, utilize relevant snippets, and use new mediums to attract a new audience.

Trying these and the rest of these tips and tricks will amp up your promotion efforts and give your blogs and articles as much traffic as possible.