Google Partners Up with Feefo to Strengthen Adwords Network

Feefo Becomes an Official Google Partner

Feefo, a global online reviews platform, is teaming up with Google as an official partner to help bolster the search engine’s massive Adwords network. Several recognizable brands including Expedia, Moss, and Allianz use Feefo to independently collect customer reviews for keywords and phrases to be used in various ad campaigns. 

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Google will harness Feefo’s review-based ad technology to improve the overall effectiveness of Adwords campaigns. This mutually beneficial partnership will give Google Adwords an intelligence boost and Feefo another high-profile partner to add to its growing list of collaborators.

According to a report by The Drum,

“Feefo will lean on its sentiment analysis tech to discover relevant advertising keywords from the thousands of brand reviews it processes. These can then be input into digital ads where it boasts ‘up to a three or four-fold increase in click-through-rates (CTR)’ against conventional means.”

Feefo’s feedback analysis platform can also improve brand copy and landing pages by using keywords to reflect the language used by customers in their reviews. Google can use this tech to help clients optimize their campaigns, improve their audience targeting strategies, and refine their keyword marketing decisions.

In a statement courtesy of The Drum, Adrian Blockus, head of channel sales for the UK and Ireland at Google, stated,

“We’re pleased to have Feefo on board as a Google partner. Feefo has the product knowledge, advanced technology and insight needed, to create and optimise Google AdWords campaigns for their customers.”

More on Feefo

Since its inception in 2010, Feefo has expanded its toolkit of offerings to include machine learning review integration, SEO audit, customized feedback requests, a Net Promoter score, intuitive insight tags, social media integration solutions, and more.

The company has offices in London, Ludlow, Boston, Sydney, Hong Kong, and Petersfield, UK. They have racked up over 4,000 industry clients and collect and analyze customer reviews from a wide range of industries including finance, travel, and automative.