[GUIDE] 4 Best Practices For Getting The Most Out of SlideShare

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SlideShare is the largest online community for sharing presentations. Users can upload slides shared at a conference, a webinar, or even just a compilation of interesting facts an online community might find interesting. SlideShare makes it easy for brands to share their presentations with a wide audience and to receive more visibility than if the slides were on your website alone.

Who can use SlideShare?

Getting started with SlideShare is easy: you can create a personal account or a company account. Just be sure to fill your profile out completely in account settings, including the about section, industry, and website, and connect any relevant social accounts. This makes it easy for SlideShare members to decide whether to follow your content.

What can you share?

Use SlideShare to upload presentations, PDFs, documents, and videos. Don’t have a presentation to share? SlideShare has an ideas page to spark your creativity for creating shareable content that is appropriate for the platform – including how-to guides, quotes, and case studies.

4 Best Practices When Uploading Slides

1. Include a title, name, and brief explanation of what to expect 

Before you upload your slides, make sure the very first slide of the presentation includes a title and an easy way for users to identify what they will get from viewing them. This will be the first thing users see, so it’s important to entice them to view it from the get-go.

The first page of this example includes the presentation title, a brief explanation of what’s inside, the brand giving the presentation, and the conference where it was presented.

2. Fill Out Content Settings
After uploading the file you want to share, you’ll be directed to the settings page. Be sure to include the presentation title and a brief description of what users will learn from viewing it. You also have the option to include up to 20 tags, which increases your presentation’s searchability. You can also include audio or a YouTube video here

If you forget to fill out any part, you can always go back and edit these settings after publishing. Notice a mistake in your presentation or have the information you want to add? You can always re-upload the document as well.

3. Share Your Content!
SlideShare does a great job of showcasing popular content. Make sure your community knows your presentation is available by sharing it through your social accounts. If they continue to share, your content could be featured on SlideShare’s “Featured” or “Hot on LinkedIn” (or Facebook or Twitter) sections, further increasing visibility.

If your content is selected for one of these sections, you’ll receive an email notification like this from Slideshare:

4. Review Your Analytics

With SlideShare’s free account, you can view basic analytics for your content including views, downloads, likes, and shares. There are even social sharing buttons so you can see how popular your content is on each social platform. If you upgrade to a Pro account, you can view a full analytics report including traffic sources, discover tweets and downloads and export your data to Excel.

SlideShare is an extremely valuable platform for all marketers. It’s an effective way to share ideas and information with your community and provides a great opportunity for reaching a new audience.

What features do you find most valuable on SlideShare? Comment below to let us know!