Honing Your Voice For Better Content Marketing

If you have a brand or business that you’re looking to grow, it’s important that you focus on content creation. Since close to 80 percent of internet use happens in a Google search box, and YouTube is the second most popular search engine on earth, you have a lot of free tools at your disposal to reach an audience.

The key to winning the attention of the world is to figure out your niche and create content that provides value and satisfies that niche. Whether you run a law firm or want to grow your brand as a standup comedian, it begins by dishing out incredible content.

You provide the most value to people by figuring out your voice and executing that voice in a way that reaches your audience each and every time.

The four tips below will help you to take that leap toward success with your brand and content creation by honing your voice.

Lets begin.

1: Figure Out Who You Are, What Your Gifts Are And How To Share Them

Before you can hone your message and know your public, it’s important that you know yourself and your brand.

Each company has a special gift or quirk that hooks people in and makes them want to do business. Studying what makes you unique also reveals how to provide the best value, which always comes first.

This isn’t a one-step process, and should instead be hashed out over the course of several months or years, learning as you go. Starting a blog is a great way to figure out and hone your voice. Make sure that you leave comments open and solicit feedback from your audience every step of the way.

From here, you’ll be able to also determine strategies to better reach your public with your blog posts. Focusing on providing free, valuable content, while using tools like blog title generators will help you bolster your creativity, while increasing your web traffic.

2: Determine Who You Are Speaking To

When creating content, you need to know exactly who you are speaking to.

Start by using whatever analytics you have at your disposal to research your demographics. Feel free to issue some surveys as well, so you can get information that might be harder to ascertain.

The more you know about the age, location, and other demographics of the people who most engage your content, the easier it’ll be for you to figure out your voice. By staying conscious in this regard, it’s easier for you to use the right words to not only make people want to subscribe to your free content, but so that you can execute with your sales funnels.

It’s also important to incorporate video with your sales pages so that you can really reach your audience. A simple video can increase your conversions by 86% or more.

3: Take Advantage Of The Best Platforms To Share Your Voice

Where you share your voice is every bit as important as molded your voice.

For instance, if you’re good with your hands and creative, you might want to use YouTube and Etsy to share your works. However, if you have the gift of gab, it might be best to build your brand with a podcast or Facebook Live streams.

While choosing the platforms that work best with your voice, always do your best to approach them with strategy. For instance, using your laptop to create Instagram posts gives you more creative control and lets you take advantage of more features. Meanwhile, creating lists and scheduling tweets helps you get the most out of this platform.

4: Create Funnels That Help You Build Your “Keep” Pile

Your goal while honing your voice needs to be to draw in as many loyal followers and customers as you can.

To do this, it’s important to maintain your voice while drawing people into your funnel. For instance, offer your users some free content in exchange for joining your e-mail list, rather than simply asking them to join.

Make sure that your sales pages use language and tone that is consistent with the rest of your content.

Using these four tips helps you build your brand fiercely, while maintaining true to what you do best.


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