How Businesses Can Improve their Social Media Efforts in 2020

New year, new possibilities. In just a few short weeks, 2020 will be upon us. For many marketers, this means it’s time to review their current strategies and roll out new plans. Obviously, professionals should always be on the lookout for new ways to bolster their digital marketing efforts. Still, now is a good time of year to consider what big changes can enhance your company’s engagement on social media. To that end, we’ll be focusing on what companies can do to boost their profile in 2020. Check out our top four tips here:

Update Your Accounts

Businesses change all the time. They rebrand, they create new logos, they relocate, and they introduce new products. Odds are, your business has recently completed, or is currently going through, one of these processes now. It’s important to update any big changes going on at your company through your social media accounts. Not only does this help promote brand consistency, but it will also help interested customers find and interact with you online.

Start Talking

Some companies only use their social media accounts sparingly; they post once or twice a month, and even then it’s just to repost content from their website. If you want to spark engagement with your followers on social media, then you need to be more active. Posting funny gifs, memes, and quizzes to mark special occasions are fantastic ways to reward those who follow you on social media. Remember, you don’t have to break the internet with every post you create; simply making a few people smile or take notice of your site will do just fine.

Stay Ahead of the Game

Just as businesses are constantly evolving, so too are social networks. As such, it behooves companies to keep abreast of new developments regarding Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. For example, Facebook has been tweaking its advertising policy for some time, and those policy changes can have a big effect on how you engage with customers online. Do your research and stay on top of all scheduled and proposed changes to social media platforms.

Make Videos

If you’re currently not using videos to market on social media, then you’re well past due to start. The good news is that videos don’t have to be professional or “glitzy” to win over an audience. Rather, a short, straightforward video announcing a sale or new product is often sufficient to boost consumer interest in a significant way.


Whether your business manufactures sophisticated lab equipment like gray top blood tubes or you’ve recently opened up a restaurant, all companies can benefit from an improved social media presence. Thankfully, the above tips will help you accomplish just that!