How Can An Attorney Help You After A Car Accident?

You’re frightened, and you don’t know which way to turn. You’ve been in an automobile accident, and there are damages to both your body and your vehicle. The next few steps can mean everything to your claim. We want to help you get the compensation you richly deserve. It’s imperative you get a medical evaluation right away. The standard timeline is within 24 hours of the accident. Then, you want to make sure you document anything you can remember that might help your claim. Next, you need to hire a legal representative.

Do I Need A Personal Accident Attorney?

The personal injury lawyers like the ones at Benenati Law Firm handle hundreds of cases like yours each year. Never give a statement or speak to the insurance company until you talk to an attorney. The insurance company can switch your words around and use them against you to avoid paying your claim. If you think you don’t need a lawyer and you want to represent yourself, the specifics and the complexity dictate whether that is advisable. Here are some ways that we can give you the personal injury help you need.

Communicates with The Other Parties

After an accident, it’s imperative that you work on mending and healing. Dealing with stress can reduce your recovery time. Having a lawyer handling your injury case removes some of that angst. We open the lines of communication with both the insurance company and the other party. Having an attorney who has dealt with these professionals’ time and again gives you an advantage. There are always tons of phone calls and paperwork to filter through, but a lawyer will handle all that for you.

Gathers Necessary Evidence to Prove Liability

The first job of an attorney is proving fault for the automobile accident. Sometimes the liability Is never in question, but in some cases, the other party may try to negate their responsibility. We can help you get all the evidence needed to prove your innocence. If you did your due diligence, then you took photos at the scene of the accident. However, a good attorney will go back and take more pics and get a feel for the place where the incident occurred.

Gathers Necessary Evidence of Damages

A good lawyer is essential to your case. When you have suffered significant injuries in connection with a car accident, having the support is essential. Gathering the documentation to prove the claim can be a troublesome task. You need bills from all the health care providers that have treated you.

Getting all the medical records and bills together is a tedious task. Some medical centers don’t make these requests a top priority. There is often specific protocol to obtain these documents, and if you don’t follow their process to the letter, then your application will be ignored.

Even when you do get a copy of your medical history, the records may be incomplete and missing vital information. Ask any of the legal assistants in our office, and they will tell you that they must request records often more than once. Do you really want to waste your time endlessly following up with a provider?

Sometimes, we get the reports, but the physician didn’t use the right words. We need a prognosis, causation, and whether you are disabled. To take a claim to court, we need to know how badly you were hurt and how long they anticipate the injury will impact your life. Medical evidence of your physical limitations and documenting the defendant’s negligence is imperative.

There are many instances when we must write a letter asking the doctor to include causation. If you are going to be unable to work for a period or considered disabled, we need details to take to court.

Negotiates with Lien Holders

Liens are placed against your pending settlement to cover expenses related to your care. It’s often that we see health insurance companies, workers’ compensation, or other parties, place holds on your funds. We work diligently to get them to reduce the lien amount. It’s one of the most important jobs we do for you. Every dollar that the personal injury lawyers have removed from the lien amount is more money than goes to you.

Negotiates the Compensation Package

Lastly, we use our skills to negotiate a fair compensation package. The art of negotiation is a specific skill that not every lawyer has acquired. When dealing with personal injury claims, our team has developed their negotiating skills. We know how much your case is worth and we want to ensure we get top dollar for you.

Insurance companies have a claim limit on each case that is dependent upon the injuries and the overall amount of medical liability. While most individuals representing themselves don’t understand this and how to negotiate for more, the insurance company cannot fool us. We know their games and strive to get you fair compensation.

Should I Handle My Automobile Accident Claim Myself?

When it comes to personal injury help, you may contemplate the need for an attorney. There are some smaller claims that you can get by without legal assistance. These cases would include minor soft tissue damages and medical bills that are under $10,000. Still, you need to be able to negotiate and gather evidence to present to the insurance company. You will save the contingency fee of about 33 percent that goes to a legal team, but think of all the work you are doing? Is it worth keeping that small amount?

Where do you make the distinction and decide if your case is a smaller or larger one? Where do you draw the line between self-representation and hiring legal counsel? Generally, if you are out of work for more than a week, have medical issues that may cost more than $3,000 out of pocket, and have a total or significant loss on your automobile, then you should hire a personal accident attorney.

Remember, once you sign an agreement with the insurance company, you cannot go back and get any more funds. You cannot hire an attorney to go back and get more compensation for you once you have negotiated and settled the claim. It’s important to make an informed decision before you make any settlements. Many people state that they wish they had an attorney protecting their rights after they handled their case alone, but no one ever says they wish they didn’t have legal representation.

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