How Can Online Customer Reviews Positively Impact Your Business

In this era of the Internet, the fact is that having a strong online presence is of an essence. How do you take care of your website? You design the perfect experience, implement customer testimonials, etc. Furthermore, you make yourself seen and approachable on social media profiles. You also keep your Google business listing up to date.

Still, the reputation that you have online doesn’t depend only on what you provide, but also on other ways that your business appears on the web, which, of course, includes online customer reviews. It is very important that you understand the power of online review websites such as Angle’s List, Yelp, and Google+. In this article, we are going to discuss how online customer reviews can have an immensely positive impact on your business efforts.

Case studies

A great way to use your customer reviews in order to reach your audience is via case studies. Case studies are a brilliant form of storytelling and you can implement them into the content on your main page for creating leads. Another idea is to use them in your email campaigns and with e-books.

What case studies do is that they formulate a story that people can relate to out of the words of your customer. You can focus on a particular demographic that is close to your target market and post a case study that can help them about a problem that a customer like them has had in the past. Remember that a case study is a story, so it has to clearly outline a character, their strife to get out of their predicament, a solution that made the problem go away, and the easier life that they have now that they have had an experience you’re your product or service.

Positive promotion

While there is a ton of things that you can say about how great your business, nothing has the credibility of an endorsement from a customer of yours. The best thing you can do is implement these positive reviews on your website and share them via your social media profiles so that they have a stronger impact. Do you want to save time and money during your marketing campaign? Cross promote online reviews and have bonus information to place on your website.

See the good in the bad

When your business gets a bad review, you will most probably get upset about it, but the fact is that it isn’t necessarily a negative thing. In fact, if you have a large number of awesome reviews, and a group of ones that aren’t as good, a new customer will feel like they are seeing a genuine picture of how good your business is, and drive them to actually buy from you. If your website only has five-star ratings, it looks just too good to be real. In the end, the best thing when it comes to negative reviews is that you get the chance to respond to the customer and possibly persuade them to trust you.

They offer insight into your services

The great thing about customer review sites is that they are more than just a trustworthy source of information. In fact, they provide reviews about business in a more holistic approach, instead of focusing just on a particular product or service. This way, a prospective customer can learn more than what you have to offer, but also what it was like for other people to engage with you.

Furthermore, online reviews underline the aspect of your product or service that is prominent. It isn’t uncommon for reviews to include things that even you haven’t noticed or thought about showing off to your customers. Remember that little things matter and online reviews can highlight them to your prospective customers.

They boost your SEO

You should know that popular online customer review sites are used by Google to gather local business information. The number of reviews and ratings plays an important role here. As Kaushal Malkan from TechWhoop advices, you should try to combine positive reviews with your on and off-page SEO efforts, in order for your business to appear higher in organic search results. Know that the top local listings, known as the “3-pack” are most commonly taken up by businesses that have an imposing number of customer reviews.

They build trust

An online review can be the one thing that tips the scale when a customer is making a decision about an online purchase. If a customer is looking for a service that your business has to offer, they will most often make their decisions based on a customer review. This is a fact that applies to every industry out there. It is of an essence that a potential customer can immediately trust your business. If you have a lot of reviews, with a lot of them being good ones, a potential customer will trust that you can provide them with the best service.

They illustrate your personality

Next to the insight that customer reviews provide, there is also the fact that they show off a lot of your personality as a brand. The review itself has as much effect as the way you respond to it, no matter whether it is positive or negative. Research shows that online reviews are your chance to present your personality and have an impact on people out there. You do this by constantly taking care of dissatisfied customers, and thanking people when they positively review your business. This creates the picture of a business that pays attention to its customer base.

They boost your organic search click-through rates

In the case that your website is using the Schema markup, you can make sure that reviews about your business are shown in the search results right next to your website listing. Therefore, it is a good idea to encourage Google reviews, because you will get more star ratings in SERPs, and in effect, attract more attention. Remember that a listing that has some positive reviews is stronger than a listing without any, even if it manages to find itself first in line. Your CTR is quite possible to be even higher than those of websites above you if you have star reviews.

Final words

It is a fact that every customer review out there, no matter whether it is negative or positive, gives crucial feedback from your customer base. Its importance is in the fact that you can use it to determine what your strengths and weaknesses are, and find the best way to improve them. Positive online reviews instill trust into your prospective customers and shed light on your products or services.