How Companies Use Email Marketing Automation to Increase Engagement

Marketing automation is a fantastic opportunity for everyone involved in creating campaigns! After all, when the redundant stuff is taken care of by software, you have the time to think about creative ways to engage people, produce more interesting content, and achieve higher ROI.

Since email marketing is one of the top strategies that allows plenty of room for automation while also providing you with an easy way to stay close to customers, we decided to have a look at how you can use automation to create more engagement.

Keep it Personal

It’s nice when a big brand remembers it’s your birthday and decides to congratulate you with a nice coupon, right? That’s exactly what email marketing automation can do with ease, as long as you set the system to send a nicely crafted email with a specific discount to each customer, for a specific occasion.

But, according to the data you have, the automation can go even further. 

For instance: You may want to encourage customers from certain geographical areas to buy from your site/store. If this is the case, it’s easy to craft an email based on geographic details and only have it sent to people living at specific locations.

Finally, a good automation tool also allows you to send emails specific to certain behaviors.

For instance: A new user will receive a welcome email, with links to special offers for anyone joining in, while a user who just opted for a free trial will receive a different email, with different information.

This strategy is called nurturing prospects by delivering a hyper-personal type of email and information. The person receiving such an email will feel special and seen, even though the marketer only spent several minutes to craft the body of the email.

Don’t Give Up

Rejection can be difficult to overcome, but a good market knows not to take it personally. People get so many emails nowadays that it’s easy to overlook the ones that don’t particularly catch the eye.

However, if you are persistent, there are ways to climb your way back in the customer’s inbox and remind them you’re still there. Even better, these ways don’t imply your brand becoming a nuisance and getting banned.

In this article by Drip, you can learn a few proven techniques on how to increase the open rate by reaching out to those people who didn’t open the first round of emails, how to reduce shopping cart abandonment, and how to use witty and intelligent texts to get more customers to return to your site.

All the email marketing strategies mentioned above are possible due to automation. Otherwise, this would be extremely time-consuming and would require huge costs.

Understand How Subscribers Think

If you understand the relationship between subscribers and your site, you’ve cracked the code to keep people engaged.

But, to understand this aspect, you must know what happens when someone opens one of your emails.

  • Do they click on the links inside the email?
  • Do they just read a blog on your site?
  • Do they make a purchase?

All these questions can be answered by email automation software that tracks the way subscribers interact with your emails. And if you are wondering which software would work best for you, here’s a comparison to consider. Once you know what most of your subscribers are looking for (useful content, offers, products, and so on), it’s easier to adapt the emails and future campaigns to their needs.

In Conclusion

Automation is the answer when you deal with huge lists of subscribers and want to increase engagement because it takes care of the time factor. As the marketer, all you need to do is understand the data provided by automation tools and setup proper emails for each segment you want to attract.

Besides saving time and allowing marketers to focus on other issues, automation is also the way to cut down marketing budgets or re-invest the money in more productive areas.

You also shouldn’t overlook the importance of social media. Key statistics suggest that engagement levels continued to be strong on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.