How Exit-Intent Popups Can Help Boost Your Signups by 150%

When Organic Aromas decided to approach Omnisend for help in improving signups to their store, they had about 250 signups a month.

The popups they were using were showing poor conversion, with conversion rates somewhere around 3% on average.

By the time we got done with them, they increased their monthly signups to more than 660 subscribers—an increase of 150%.

And the best part:

It only took us about 15 minutes a week to set it all up.

How did we do this?

Well, in our experiment we tried a few different things, with the powerful exit intent popup being the standout for conversions.

Here’s an example of a high-converting exit-intent popup:

So let’s look at how we set it all up—and how you can do the exact same thing for your own store.

The Situation

By the time we came to help Organic Aromas with our popup experiment, they had been using a few simple signup forms:

  • The default Shopify signup form in the footer
  • An always-visible bar at the top of the page

They often converted visitors to subscribers at a rate of 1.75%-4.47%, with the average being 3.24%.

This totaled about 264 new signups each month.

While that’s fine for a new store (especially if they’re high-intent leads), the store owners knew they could do better.

And so did we.

That’s why we set up our weekly experiment to see which signup form would have the best conversion rate.

Each week, we set up a different popup for Organic Aromas, which took us about 15 minutes to set up each popup.

These were:

  • immediate popup
  • delayed popup
  • passive signup box
  • exit-intent popup

Immediate popup

The immediate popup shows up immediately when the visitor lands on the website.

This is probably the most annoying of all popups, as it doesn’t take into account the user’s intention, behavior, or anything else.

Nonetheless, it can be effective for some stores. For Organic Aromas, the immediate popup gained them 135 new signups in the week it was effective.

Even better, it had a 7.4% conversion rate—so not only did they sign up, they also ended up buying something.

Delayed popup

For the delayed popup, we adjusted the settings so that the popup would only show to visitors after they clicked three times.

In our experience, that shows a pretty engaged visitor, and the more engaged the visitor, the better the subscription and conversion rates should be.

Surprisingly, this one had fewer signups than the immediate popup. However, it had more conversions—14.1% of subscribers made a purchase in that week.

Passive signup box

We then decided to try out the signup box, which is an always visible widget at the bottom of the page.

In order to see the full popup, visitors would have to first click on the little widget.

This is similar in practice to Organic Aromas’ previous top-bar signup form, and the results were pretty similar as well.

Less than 1% of visitors ended up subscribing.

The Exit-Intent Popup

While we tried four different signup forms to improve Organic Aroma’s signup conversion rate, we saw that exit-intent popups proved the best.

This was no surprise to us, seeing as we’ve seen that exit-intent popups consistently perform amazingly compared to other types of popups.

That is because it incorporates a good balance between passive and visible.

The exit-intent popup is based on user behavior, seeing as it shows up only when a visitor is about to leave the page.

At that moment, the popup appears and tries to get the visitor to reconsider whether he/she wants to leave.

It is important to note, that while the timing here is crucial, the content of the popup also plays a significant role.

If a user is going to leave your ecommerce store, you need to get their attention with an interesting offer.

Coupling that offer with a captivating image will also get them to stop and think about it, like this example from Roadside Vapes:

Based on our experience, there are 3 important aspects of a high-converting exit-intent popup:

  1. A captivating image (here, the lion hugging/missing the person)
  2. A bold statement or question (with an exclamation mark included somewhere)
  3. An attractive offer, like free shipping, X% discount, or $X off their first purchase.

That will get them to stop dead in their and consider your appealing offer.

So how did it work for Organic Aromas?

Well, not only did it help them get to more than 660 subscribers for the entire month (a 150% increase), but it also gained them (most importantly) a 19.03% order conversion rate!

That means that almost 20% of the subscribers ended up buying based on that one popup alone, which is much better than their previous conversion rates.

Final points

Exit-intent popups really are powerful when it comes to getting visitors to not only sign up for your newsletter campaigns, but also to for the most important goal: to end up buying from you.

However, it’s important that you not only use the timing of the exit-intent popup, but also to make sure you include a great image, strong text, and compelling offer.

That way, you won’t just get a 150% increase in signup rates, but you can also get a 20% order rate from just one popup.

Use it wisely, and you can see your new customers booming in no time.

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