How Google Maps Marketing Can Grow Your Local Business

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We all know that marketing is a vital part of running a thriving business, but few know what Google Maps marketing is or how it can work to your advantage. In this article, we take an in-depth look at everything you need to know about Google Maps marketing.

Everyone uses Google Maps. Even those of us with a fairly solid sense of orientation open up Google Maps from time to time. What’s more, people who use Google Maps don’t necessarily need to be big fans of social media. So you may well have a Google Maps user who doesn’t use any of the other platforms, such as Facebook or Instagram.

To you, as a business, that means more potential customers.

What is it, exactly?

Google Maps marketing is a method of locating your business on the map and having it pop up in strangers’ search boxes.

For example, go to Google right now and search for something. Anything. Search ‘restaurants’, for example. You’ll see that among the first top results of Google, there is the Google Maps one, which will show you restaurants based on two filters:

Chances are that the person looking for restaurants will browse the results and select one among the first few results. So you want to get your restaurant there.

Google My Business

Google My Business is a function through which you can claim a business as your own.  The following are techniques to help you optimize your Google My Business listing so that you can generate more leads from it.

It’s likely that your business already exists on Google, but it’s lacking essential information, like a complete, accurate address, website, telephone number, and opening hours.

Another thing it’s missing is customer reviews. And a description. And appropriate tags.

The ratings help it score better when Google displays businesses based on reviews, while the tags ensure it pops up in all relevant searches.

Tip: Make sure to tick every tag that you deem appropriate for your business.

Double tip: When writing up a short description for your business, riddle it with keywords, so that it has better chances of popping up in a search.

Prepare for Google Maps Ads

Google Maps announced in May of 2020 that it would be introducing ads to its service, so that you, as a business owner, can pay to have your business show up as a top result in its chosen area.

Why Google Maps marketing works

According to statistics, there are billions of searches on Google Maps on a monthly basis, and it’s easily the most well-trusted navigation platform. This means people actually take advice from Google Maps on where they should go.

Google Maps marketing works better than optimizing your website or your Facebook presence before it makes your business show up immediately. The potential client doesn’t need to access your website or your Facebook page, which, let’s face it, probably won’t show up among the first 5 results for “restaurants” or “hotels” or whatever.

But your Google Maps listing might.

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