How Is Relying on SEO Exclusively for Website Traffic Bad for Your Business?

Some of us believe that SEO is the only way to boost website traffic. Does the increase in website traffic always result in higher conversion rates? Will catering to a broader audience still boost your turnover? It is true that for a handful few, optimization for search engines might be the only way to garner more views. That is not necessarily a good thing. You might be confused right now since this post was about to be about SEO and here we are saying that complete dependence on SEO for site traffic is unhealthy!

SEO has transcended from being a collection of tools that boost visibility to a weighing mechanism of the user satisfaction of websites. Without stellar user experience (UX) on your site, you will have a tough time convincing Google bots about the usability and friendliness of your site. Apart from enhanced navigation options, visible CTAs, and excellent content hierarchy, you should think about optimization of your site for a local audience based on your location(s). The precedence of hyper-local searches along with a rise in the use of voice assistants gives you the perfect reason to invest in the subtler elements of SEO.

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What is your website traffic diversity?

To find out how you should target the several social media websites and search engines for traffic, you should first learn the way to diversify traffic. While search engine optimization is a good practice, it should not take the entirety of your marketing budget and time. Once you know which platforms drive traffic to your online shop, you will find better ways to boost traffic than relying on SEO.

First, you need to accept that all traffic is not equal. Some sources always send high-quality traffic, and there are some that send hoverers, who do not contribute to positive metrics. High-quality traffic is the one that adds to the majority of the sales and lead generations. If your current website traffic is not doing so, then it is just vanity metrics you need to correct. Footfall from search engines and direct hits contribute to 34% and 40% of the average website traffic. Social media and paid advertisements generate meager 6% and 5% traffic that don’t always justify the investment in the marketing process.

Does your brand need social media promotions?

Well, let us not discourage you from posting promotional adverts and events on social media. Social network diverted traffic is more interested in the content of your website than buying, but that can give you the distinct advantage of cross-marketing. People visiting your site from social media can read and share material. That can help you reach the target audience, who will come and buy your products or services. The same holds true for Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Most enterprises that target the millennials benefit from promoting on social media, where the virtual millennial citizens live!

How does guest blogging supplement SEO?

Guest blogging is another powerful instrument that can determine how far your website and its content will spread. Guest blogging on other popular channels can act as the lifeblood of your brand. Begin the search for suitable platforms by narrowing sites that post topics in your niche. Find competitive and high ranking websites that accept guest posts. It is a brilliant branding strategy that does not cost a fortune and yet delivers more ROI that standard paid advertising. While constructing a guest blog, do not write for a broad audience. Most of your target readers will be at different stages of their buying journey, and general Memphis SEO content might not be a smart idea at this moment. Always check your website demographics and reader demographics (if you have other dedicated blogs) before beginning the content construction process.

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How can blog commenting help boost your website visibility?

Several experts emphasize the importance of blog commenting to boost relevant website traffic. There are several plug-ins you can turn to during the research phase. Use “Similar Sites” to look for blogs and third-party websites that might warrant expert opinions and comments on their posts. You should always pick blogs that receive enough traction. Invest in some tools that notify marketers when a blog posts new content. Finding relevant and highly visible content is essential, but so is being first! The first few comments generate more traction than the later ones on older posts.

Why is it smart to leverage Q&A websites for increasing relevant traffic-flow?

Have you paid attention to the rising popularity of Q&A websites like Stack Exchange and Quora? These platforms enable individual users to craft their brands. There is no reason your business should not be able to build dedicated followership on Q&A websites like these. These platforms provide a wholesome way for marketing managers, CEOs and CIOs to generate brand awareness without spending big bucks. Just keep your eye out for questions and discussions relevant to your topic. Start the process by identifying niche search phrases and topic categories. Once you have the right discussion thread, do not skimp on information. Take your time to construct exciting and informative snippets. Include headings and subheads, include bullet points and throw in a couple of reliable reference links for the stats. At the same time, do not forget to add a dedicated link to your business website.

However, that does not mean you should shy away from investing in SEO. Search engine optimization is an ongoing process, and the constant evolution of Google algorithms stresses on the continuing changes of optimization features of websites. It is no longer enough to work on keyword research and paid link building. You must think about artificial intelligence and machine learning how to optimize your site for organic traffic. Unless you have a dedicated strategy for building direct traffic, SEO strategies will prove to be useless during ROI evaluation. You can choose to use one or multiple of these tactics for improving your website traffic. Using one or more methods can help you withdraw from search engines alone.