How to Boost Your Conversion Rates with Product Video Descriptions

There’s a lot you can do with text descriptions and promotions, but videos are always more engaging and they can do a better job at convincing people.

When it comes to ecommerce, videos can, arguably, convince people to buy your products better than any other medium. They can clearly display how you use the product and how it can benefit you.

On that note, let’s go ahead and see how you can crack this nut to make a video description strategy a real success.

Video Just Gives You So Much More Potential

Despite the sheer potential of video and its popularity, it’s a medium that hasn’t been fully utilized. However, if you tap into that potential, you can get a significant edge over your competition.

Online marketing guru Neil Patel says that people visiting an ecommerce site are 64% to 85% more likely to buy a product when they get to check out its video.

Also remember that Google loves videos, and your product description videos can help you improve your rankings. As you’ve probably seen, Google’s search results are a blend of news, text content, image, video and maps, so as to give the best search experience to the user.

Google prefers sites with videos, particularly when it comes to products being searched by people. Of the 100 top search results, you’ll find video in 70% of them.

There are various strategies out there for employing videos for product descriptions. Shopify has quite a few of them. They’re all effective, and choosing the strategy depends on the product you’re selling and the customer base that you’re targeting.

Value Does the Marketing

The Art of providing value to readers and potential customers has been taken to the next level by Luxy Hair. This online store specializing in hair extensions is now a 7-figure business and it has got this far just through YouTube marketing – creating videos that educate women on the different kinds of hairstyles they can try.

These videos are in the form of tutorials. They’re highly educational, as this video shows, and they present really attractive hairstyles that youngsters would love to try out. It’s no wonder that they have more than 2.3 million subscribers.

Value is the strong point of these videos and thanks to that value, customers are prompted to click the link to their online store and purchase those hair extensions.

Entertainment that Gets the Point Across

You can blend entertainment with the salient features of your product. Shopify mentions the example of BlendTec. The company wanted to show the power of its blenders. They have a video where they attempt to blend various kinds of strange stuff including an iPhone 6 Plus!

And they also have a presenter, none other than BlendTec founder Tom Dickson himself. The entertaining nature of the presentation has given the BlendTec video series, called “Will It Blend?” 800,000 YouTube subscribers!

So it’s better to find products that can be commercialized through video for easier marketing campaigns. There are several places to find products which can be ideal for video marketing.

Review and In-depth Information

Another format that could facilitate conversions is providing a review of the product you wish to sell. Right Channel Radios did that, as you can see from this video.

They weren’t looking to make expensive marketing campaigns, instead they just reviewed their products. Their in-depth product knowledge helped them build trust among customers. They’ve really been able to build a great business thanks that.

Simple Videos that Connect

Sometime a few simple videos is all that it takes to convince people. A video of a person holding or using your product could be all that’s needed.

If you’re dealing with apparel, a model wearing the dress you sell moving around in it, and doing stuff in an appropriate environment could be all that’s needed, as Labella Mafia Clothing did through videos in its Facebook page.

Other social network pages of the brand post more complex lifestyle videos including fashion shows and other events they held.

But you can start with simple videos featuring a model and the appropriate environment. What Labella Mafia did was ensure the environment in the video connected with their target audience and reverberated with their brand.

Nothing but Product Features

Sometimes, all you need to do is just showcase and focus on the cool features of your product. That’s what wallet seller Bellroy does. Selecting each wallet takes the user to an accompanying featured product video.

The video does nothing but demonstrate the smart wallet’s great features along with a stirring background score. That gives customers a clear picture of what they’ll be getting when they purchase the wallet.

Give a 360-degree View of Your Products

You can show your products spinning on a plain white background. That means your site visitors can get a clear 360-degree view of the product and see its dimensions and worth. This particularly works for products such as garments, sunglasses, showcase items, etc.

These products don’t require a demonstration of their performance. There are services such as Spin Studio and Arqspin that can help you spin your products. Vintage Frames Company has applied this strategy for its sunglasses.

Simple Videos on Instagram with Just Your Smartphone

Showcasing your product through Instagram is a cool option. All you need for this is a smartphone. It actually works quite well, as Hard Graft proved it with its amazing videos that really showcase the resourcefulness of the trendy bags, pouches, notebook-cum-pencil cases, etc.

Posting on these social networks can build your followers and facilitate faster conversions. And all it takes is a smartphone.

So, there are just so many smart options out there for your product video descriptions. As long as there is no dearth of imagination, product videos will continue to facilitate greater conversions.

Videos are no longer mere marketing mechanisms but a means to connect to your audience. Most importantly, you need to identify your audience, their interests, their environments and their requirements. Then you can select the type of product video that’s right for your brand, based on your observations.

If you’re running a small ecommerce business, resources could be tight. But as we saw above, a smartphone can sometimes be all you need for a great product video description.

Everyone has a smartphone these days and there’s no excuse you can give yourself for not going viral. Start making awesome product videos today!

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