How To Boost Your Personal Blog With The Help Of Social Media

Working on a personal blog can be really exhausting, and it surely demands time, dedication, and a lot of quality content. Therefore, your hard work should be more present on the Internet and social media. By promoting your blog on social media, you can be sure to gain many new, loyal followers and fans, boost your traffic, and increase engagement not only on the blog but also on social media accounts. No wonder the majority of bloggers actually use social media as a marketing tool for their content; it is easy, accessible, always available, and you control it.

It can be demoralizing and saddening to see your blog do poorly on the world wide web just because it’s not transparent and not a lot of people see it. Even though numbers aren’t everything, chances are you’ve started a blog in order for people to see it, so your presence on the Internet is definitely crucial for your blog’s success.

We’ve come up with some tips, tricks, and useful strategies that you can use to boost your personal blog in no time. But, before you jump into the article, make sure to first hop over to Edusson in case you are looking for some high-quality writing services for your blog.

Social media = Marketing

Social media has become an indispensable marketing tool for almost 91% of brands, social media channels, and small/medium businesses of different kinds. Social media marketing can accumulate a high volume of traffic and engagement, so the first step in boosting your blog is starting with creating accounts on different social media platforms. Once you’ve done that, it is time to integrate your blog with social media and share it across all the platforms you have access to.

Social media marketing can help you build brand or blog awareness and attract targeted traffic from social media to the blog. You should create accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Flickr, YouTube, Tumblr, and other well-known platforms so that people can interact with your blog and you. The benefits of social media marketing are endless, and according to Shout Me Loud, here are just a few of them:

  • Increased domain authority – if a blog is linked with a social media site, it will grow in domain authority.
  • Better visibility and popularity – positive feedback from followers can help drive targeted traffic to your blog.
  • Higher ranking in SERPs – activity on social media can increase your rank in search engines.
  • Better blog overview – social media promotion enables followers to access the old posts as well, to keep it relevant and shared on social media.
  • Brand name domination – social media promotion can quickly turn your blog into a globally recognized brand name.


Even though your original site and blog have a certain aesthetic, theme, and organization, you need to be aware that using the same features on other social media platforms won’t be as effective. One-size-fits-all does not work in this case. In order to use social media to your advantage, you must spice things up individually on each respective platform. This means that you cannot use the same social media marketing strategies on Facebook and Pinterest, for example. These platforms are entirely different, and therefore, demand a different approach.

What you need to do is actually tailor your blog content for each platform individually. The tailoring, however, needs to be based on the mechanics of each platform account or channel. Moreover, make sure not to overdo it with the number of social media accounts you create. Instead of doing a half-job for more than a dozen platforms, try focusing on few, most essential platforms out there, like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Link It Till You Make It

Now that you have made your blog present on social media platforms, make sure to have your original blog link accessible to your followers all the time. The link to your blog should be easy to locate on the home page and the landing site on all of your social media accounts. If your social media accounts provide quality and exciting content, your followers will surely want to engage more and connect with the original blog and the primary source. Therefore, you need to make it simple for everyone to access your blog or website.

Furthermore, make sure to keep your handles consistent on every social media platform. This will make your brand and blog name more recognizable and easier for the followers to spot your blog and name amongst thousands of other accounts.

Cross Posting

Another excellent way to boost your blog by using social media is cross-posting. This means that you’ll have to cross-post your blog content and updates across the social media platforms.  According to MusesApp, cross promotion is also a great thing that can help you promote the blog and boost your traffic and following. You can always partner up with a friend in your niche and blog-swap, while also supporting other bloggers. That way, not only will you and your friend promote your blogs, you will also benefit in various other ways. For example, call-to-action posts can bring monetary value to your blogging and these kinds of posts catch the reader faster than regular posts and you also establish social credibility and exposure to each other’s audience. Either way, by cross-posting or cross promoting, you can be sure to bypass all the noise and thousands of other bloggers and social media accounts only to establish a loyal following and readership.

Other tips on boosting your blog by using social media:

  • Make sure to avoid outdated social media strategies.
  • Teach yourself about social media platform insights.
  • Take advantage of giveaway opportunities.
  • Learn as much as possible about social media platforms.
  • Focus on your niche and similar bloggers, but stay unique.
  • Join blogger networks.
  • Utilize photo resources, like free online stock photo websites.
  • Participate in brand contests.
  • Don’t neglect SEO.
  • Keep your eyes on the analytics.
  • Craft playful, smart, and character-conscious captions.
  • Employ CTAs and provide the follower with instructions on how to take action.
  • At some point, show your face; this can make your blog and online presence more welcoming and legit.