How to Boost Your Trade Show through Content Marketing

The marketing field is one that is evolving at a very overwhelming rate with social media taking a very huge part in this transformation. Audio-visual marketing on television, radio and even billboard ads are almost getting faced out by the use of online content attracting a huge audience. Trade shows need quite a lot of marketing to become a success, and in the current world, the best way to do this is to use content marketing. More people are venturing into this, spending quite a fortune to pay bloggers and popular individuals to make videos, and blogs for them to get their market known out there. The returns, however, are quite impressive. Either way, you need to be wise on how you go about it. Check out the following tips on how to boost your trade show through content marketing.

Retain trade show preparation traditions

Even with the presence of social media and the internet as incredible and effective marketing platforms, there are still some preparation traditions that you need to keep to make the trade show a success. Make posters and ads that inform people of your trade show and also give them links to your social media pages where they can get to read blogs and watch marketing videos you have made through reputable individuals. Do all the planning in time depending on the kind of products you are selling during the trade show. Set up your stand well like before on the day of the exhibitions such as placing your iPad on your stand if that is one of the products you are selling. Content marketing is only a way of gathering more customer traffic and not a sales and planning strategy.

Interview renowned clients and marketing moguls

Assuming you take part in an ultra-popular trade show and have big names in your industry present, it is a great idea if you reach out and build a connection. Look for the right person within your industry, one who customers would like to hear from and interview them even if it’s for a few minutes. Such interviews are incredible traffic magnets. If possible, you could also let the customers around to interact with them and transform your exhibition into a customer hub.

Post synopsis of the best presentations in the event

Exhibitions in trade shows are made up of discussions, industry relates shows and presentations of the products for example art. Do not forget to make video recordings of all the presentations that take place throughout the trade show. The good thing with trade shows is that even after it is over, people still want to learn about what’s taking place in your industry. From all the presentations that take place, pick the best presentations and make summaries of them, in the form of short and relatable videos that are informative and entertaining at the same time. Publish these videos on your website and your social media platforms. You might consider picking the presentations to summarize from those made by prosperous persons in your industry and field of interest.

Post live updates as the trade show takes place

Your website might not have as much traffic but your social media may have a huge following which is the audience you need to consider tapping in. Depending on your target audience, it is important to also choose which social media platform to post the live events at the trade show. Say for example, a fashion tradeshow, consider using twitter if you are looking to reach more of adults than teens while at the same time, use Instagram and Facebook to mention a few if you are looking to reach as many teens as possible.

It is an incredible idea to keep your customers and potential clients who are not at the trade show informed about the cool stuff taking place at the exhibition and who knows, you might make a good number of them consider dropping by the trade show as they run their errands. Either way, do not forget to post on your website as well as those who are not social media enthusiasts.

Bring in a guest blogger or celebrity for your company website and content

Creating your content may be working for you as a form of content marketing but at the same time, there is a high probability that it is working slow. The hack to this is to invite a popular celebrity or guest blogger to chip into your company blog. A few minutes of their time, such as introducing your exhibition or calling out customers to come check out what you are showcasing will go a long way in making the trade show a success.

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