How to Build an Effective Brand Image for Your E-Commerce Website

If you’ve got an e-commerce website these days, you’ll know how the need to be unique is one of the most important aspects these days. Although the marketing channels have changed dramatically through the years, the premise has remained exactly the same and it revolves around creating a brand.

If you’re unaware, a ‘brand’ is more than just a logo. Instead, it’s the way your customer base perceives your business in terms of emotion, products, customer service, tone, and voice. While some companies are serious, others will use humor in their content. Ultimately, the audience will decide how you’re perceived but you can influence it with branding. Below, we’ve compiled some simple tips!

Consider the Customer

When it comes to branding, you can’t do anything without knowing your average customer; otherwise, how are you supposed to know what voice and design to use? Sadly, there are too many e-commerce websites creating content without knowing their audience and this is one of the worst mistakes you can make.

To find your average customer, take a look through the data of previous purchases as well as the analytics for your website. Also, the analytics on social media can also be useful to see who is engaging with your activity because they generally have more information regarding age, job, etc. Once you know this, everything you do will be geared towards your audience both now and long into the future.

Create a Story

Why should people buy into your brand? If you can’t answer this question without mentioning ‘quality’ and ‘customer service’, you’re struggling because these are the two features that are now expected as opposed to being a luxury. Instead, you need to tell a story because this is what makes people want to buy from you. If you think about some of the most famous brands, they all have a story whether it’s how the product was first made, how the brand started, the development over the years, or the nature of the employees.

If you want to build an effective brand image, you need to evoke an emotion from the e-commerce website and this starts and ends with a great story.

Be Consistent

Although branding is more than just your logo, this will be the factor that contains everything within. When people see your logo, they should remember your story, know your products, sing the jingle from your online ad, think of a certain color, and more.

With all your branding efforts, they’ll be tied back to your logo, and so you need to be consistent. Regardless of the platform, whenever you do something you should include your logo and have your color featuring somewhere.

If we think of Coca-Cola and Starbucks, we think of red and green instantly because the two companies use these colors everywhere. Although your business is based online, this is still essential for success so create a logo and use it everywhere.

Be Relatable and Personable

Finally, we believe the most effective e-commerce websites are the ones people can relate to and the ones that become more than ‘just another website’. Rather than waiting until you become a success to champion change, take the steps right now. If you want to support a local charity or be a role model for recycling in your industry, do it now because this might just become your Unique Selling Point (USP).


Although branding can be tough, you need to show yourself as you want to be seen on every single platform. Once you know your audience and have a story, you can be perceived as you wish and this branding will carry you to the top.